Troy Cameron stole my girlfriend

Back in 1996 my life was perfect, by a 16-year old’s standards. I was part of the “popular” group of kids, had a pretty blonde hair/blue eyed girlfriend, and was about to enter High School and most importantly, about to take baseball seriously for the first time in my life. Of course, things don’t always work out that way and during the Summer of ’96 I found out that I would be attending Western High School while my girlfriend of one year would be heading to St. Thomas, a private school.

During our first year in different schools she began hanging out with a new group of friends, including a man that in her words was, “the most beautiful man on the planet”. His name was Troy Cameron and he was not only older than us but he was also a big time high school baseball prospect that was signed by the Atlanta Braves in 1997. In early 1998, two weeks before we broke up (AKA: she dumped me), she came to my place of employment (Brandsmart U.S.A) on my birthday and delivered some goodies. It was three awesome CD’s and a birthday card. Inside the birthday card, there was a 1997 Bowman Chrome Troy Cameron card personally given to her by Mr. Cameron.

Needless to say, I didn’t hear much from her after our break-up. She went up to college someplace North and became somewhat of a legend and not for her academic skills, if you know what I mean. Think of the girl in Kevin Smith’s Chasing Amy, if you’ve seen it—now think 10 times sluttier. Yes, I dated “Finger Cuffs”.



  1. “Finger cuffs”, championship reference! I think everyone has dated one of those even if they didn’t know it. Great girls to know, bad girls to date. Wanna feel good about it? Just think some sorry sucker is probably married to that and the only stories he knows are about her church involvement. Poor bastard, it’s like he drove down Route 66 and thought he was the first one.

  2. Awesome story… Please clue me in on who this “Finger Cuffs” is that I gave a baseball card to… You have me interested… And if this story is true than I am sorry for the heart ache, it obviously still eats at you 12 years later…No I am not playing anymore and yes “Mario” I did play past AA but you are right, I was not fortunate enough to play in the big leagues but “Mario” if you knew anything about the process than you would realize that less than 20% of professionally signed players do not make to AA or higher… Look forward to the response…

  3. Hello, Mr. Cameron! No, I have moved on…I have a 2-year old son and a wife but sometimes as a writer you have to dig real deep to find something to keep people coming back and this was it.

    I can assure you she is real and was very much enamored with your “swing”. I did some research and could only find your stats up until AA so that was why I answered that way. If you made it up to Triple-A or further, please forgive me. Besides, that’s many more levels than I could ever reach.

    Thanks for the comment,
    Mario A.

  4. Sue….
    LOL… What are you doing? I was looking for an answer and I find you on here… You are too funny! Hope all is well…

  5. Don’t be so hard on yourself. Troy used my highschool girlfriend for batting practice too. I guess girls are just drawn to profesional athletes. The thing that bothered me even more than the fact that I had grown up with Troy, was that I had seen him in the locker room. Lets just say he was “swinging” with an oversized bat at a very early age. Disturbingly oversized. I didn’t stand a chance. Hope this helped you out. Great Blog by the way!

  6. Hey troy this is Eric Nathan, i dont know if u actually remember me or my bbrother sean nathan but if u do u should get back to me and catch up on old times!

  7. Troy Cameron was the biggest pimp I have ever seen. I heard he slept with 3 girls in one night in high school in the STA parking lot. Hopefully one of them was not your girl.

  8. My high school girlfriend left me for a mutual friend. Last time I saw his photo, it was a mug shot. Haven’t heard from her in decades. Which is just as well.

    Me? Happily married, father of two.

    Collector at heart, blogger by night.

  9. I graduated with Troy, and he helped me become a man. One drunk night, after a great STA football victory, we made out in the B-Lot (behind some parked buses). I don’t know about the “bat” he swings, but his tongue was as professional as his athletic status. A man amongst children. Troy was like a god.

  10. Gotta love it…. Keep the blog alive… Who else will come forward with my shocking in the closet habits???

  11. Troy, it appears you are some kind of legend.

    You could turn a nun into a baseball groupie.

    Here is one shortly after seeing you at the plate.

  12. i was 4 at the time and even i had heard of troy cameron haha just kidding but this was a great post mario

  13. troy was a cool guy, my exgirl played softball at STA and we would always see him at these batting cages on 136 ave and he would give us free tokens

  14. Wow, it’s amazing how the quiet guys are the ones you have to watch out for. I currently play baseball with Troy, which is an honor. I won’t tell you where, so please don’t ask, I respect a man’s privacy. I have a very famous uncle, so I totally understand about keeping your life private. But, I love the stories, so I will give him a big smile when I see him at our next game. Way to go Troy!!!!

  15. Troy is a pimp is an understatement. He was picking up chicks at FSU when he was like 12. He has dated Hooters girls and Heat Cheerleaders. He is now off the market – married. He is one of the most down to earth, good-hearted people out there so if you think he stole Mario’s girlfriend way back when, I would say that you are wrong because he didn’t really date anyone seriously until he met his current wife. He would TAKE CARE of the groupies, but never date them.

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