Last Saturday Wax Heaven hit 100,000 unique page views. As excited as I was, I decided to keep it on the down low because I knew something even bigger was coming. This is officially, the 500th blog post since the debut of the site. Unofficially, it’s more like 520 but a few blogs came and went (I deleted them) so here we are. I am a stats addict so I should point out that there are 1,973 comments so there is another milestone coming very soon (hopefully). I feel like Barry Bonds today, hitting all these milestones almost all at once. I just hope that I don’t end up like he did, unemployed and hated.

So to celebrate #500, here are the first scans of one of the most popular posts at Wax Heaven, “I am an idiot!” Some people didn’t actually believe I bought these things so this should be enough proof. For the record, in the auction photo the chocolates looked almost edible. In person however, the chocolates look just one level below toxic. I still plan to do something creative with these things, despite the Infamous Tatiana’s threats of tossing them in the dump. Guys, these chocolate bars represents baseball history to me and many others. When these things were produced, Jose Canseco was above and beyond better than anyone else in the Majors. How could I just throw them away…?