The most overrated card ever?

This baby has surfaced on eBay for a Buy It Now of $9,999 and a mandatory opening bid $4,999.

Seriously, the card is famous and Alex Gordon is off to a nice start but there is no way this thing sells for more than $3,000 tops (no pun intended). It is a graded Gem Mint but c’mon! If you don’t know the history behind this card, don’t feel bad. I started collecting again in mid-2007 after a decade-long absence and did not know what the heck all the hype was about either. Here is the lowdown, thanks to ESPN.

Oh, did I forget to mention the shipping cost is $40.00?



  1. WOW I better snag that before someone else does! O wait I don’t have $9,999. What a joke. Nice card and all but let’s get realistic here. I think the seller is hoping someone received their nice fat tax refund check and has nothing else to spend it on.

  2. I know, it’s like would you rather have a >50-year old Aaron or Mays rookie or a two year old base card of a probable bust whose main value is due to it being a f*** up?

  3. I can see it realistically now for five to seven hundred. Just on the fact there are collectors who want that complete set. Other than that no interest. In a few years $99 Buy It Now. How much are those Ryan Anderson cards that were supposed to be pulled from the 2000 Ovation set going for these days?

  4. The Infamous, Deplorable, Keith Olbermann paid $7500 for a BGS9.5 of Gordon two years ago. It would be interesting to see just how much his investment has depreciated.

  5. that card will likely sell. If Gordon ever makes good on the promises it will be worth it. It will take a true collector to take the chance on it. This blog does not appear to be from an experienced collector who can tell you rare cards are hard to find no matter who is on them….

  6. I have the gold blank rookie and I would be happy if it was worth a hundredth of what this clown is asking. I hope they really don’t get this, but I won’t be surprised to see Keith grab this one too.

  7. A true collector?


    A true SPECULATOR. Because that’s all this is. Yes, it’s a rare card. That doesn’t mean that it’s going to hold its value though. If Alex Gordon turns out to be a bust, this card will be a curiosity, and little more.

  8. Never heard of this one, as I just got back into the hobby after a few years off. I wouldn’t mind pulling one from a pack, but would never put that much money into any single card.

  9. “This blog does not appear to be from an experienced collector who can tell you rare cards are hard to find no matter who is on them”

    What do you consider Rare? Less than 100 or so? I have been collecting for well over 20 years and have had my own store front so I can say by experience that this card will be another one of those “Infamous” errors that no one will pay attention to if Gordon does not hold up to his end of the deal along with the new UD Hillary which they supposedly “Hand Pulled” from bins of cards. I have seen this happen too often to think this card will be worth over $4000 anytime in the near future.

    As for me I will take my chances and hold onto my Aaron and Mays RC’s that will only appreciate in value as the old cards are the back bone of the true collector not a prospect who may end up like Billy Beane…if you all remember he was suppose to be the “Next big hit” right out of college.

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