The attack heard ’round the world

I am no conspiracy theorist but it appears as if Alex Rodriguez has a bit of bad karma following him. You see, during a tour of Fenway Park yesterday a 13 year old girl named Alexa Rodriguez was attacked by a hawk who has lived in the park since 2002. Alexa was rushed to the hospital but will be okay. Meanwhile A-Rod is dealing with accusations of Steroid abuse, wife-coveting, and will have to hit at least 45 home runs and 140 R.B.I just to earn the money he has been awarded by the New York Yankees. Don’t even get me started on what will happen if he doesn’t take his team to the World Series.

Now that’s what I call pressure…



  1. Glad my name is not Alen Rodriguez with Karma like that going around. And there is no pressure on A. Rod. Jeter, Giambi, Hideki – those guys have the pressure. Mr. Yankee getting discreet valtrex refills and two injury plagued guys in last years of contracts. That’s pressure.

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