Mike Greenwell sighting!

Former M.V.P runner-up and Boston Red Sox hero, Mike Greenwell was spotted going through a Los Angeles landfill looking for something he just won’t find; Jose Canseco’s 1988 M.V.P trophy. Recently Jose was asked about Greenwell’s comments about baseball taking away Canseco’s award and giving it to the runner-up since Jose admitted to cheating. The response given was classic Canseco!

“I’d be more than happy if I could find it,” said Canseco of giving his 1988 MVP Award to runner-up Mike Greenwell. “I think I threw it in the garbage somewhere. He’s going to have to look in the dumps of – where did I dump it? – in LA somewhere.”

You know, at first I thought Mike’s comments, dating back a few years ago were just as bitter as Jose’s but when you look at his amazing 1988 season, he might have been a better all-around player than Jose that year. Sure, Jose’s 42 were 20 more than Greenwell’s 22 but Jose only drove in 5 more runners than Mike. Greenwell killed Jose in batting average (.325  to .307), hits (192 to 187), doubles (39 to 34), triples (8 to 0), and even had less at-bats than Jose. Canseco does have Greenwell in runs scored (86 to 120), and stolen bases (16 to 40). You know, aside from the power numbers, it’s surprising to know that Greenwell had such a monster season in 1988. It’s a shame that he never could come close to those number again. Unfortunately for Mike, if baseball didn’t do anything about Barry Bonds’ tainted records, something tells me 1988 doesn’t mean a damn thing to them. It’s a good to know you found something else to take your mind off of it, though.



  1. His runner up stats look great on paper but the MVP has to excite you as a fan.. Mike Greenwell couldn’t excite Peter Gammons who is a die hard Red Sox fan so how was he going to sway voters? very comparable in average, RBI and hits and way down on the measuring stick of the day.. he finished second for a reason and should just hang up his whining about cheating.. That MVP won’t change anything about his career anyway.. not like its holding back his HOF voting or something.

  2. I gotta agree with the first comment, Greenwell just wasn’t an exciting player. He was very good, but Canseco was very exciting. Plus, the fact that Jose hit 40 home runs and stole 40 bases that year…no one had ever done that before. Some had come close (Eric Davis was just 3 home runs shy in 1987), but no one had ever made it. That was back when 30/30 still meant something, and 40/40 was almost unthinkable.

  3. I disagree, I think Greenwell was exciting. He was my favorite player growing up. I once saw him hit two homeruns in a game. I still say Canseco gets the MVP though. 40 40 was awesome!

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