2008 Upper Deck Goudey preview

Something about Goudey just didn’t grab my attention last year. When going to my card shop I always saw the box of ’07 Goudey and would constantly pick another product instead. By the time I had opened all the other products, I was stuck with Goudey and ended up pulling a Coco freakin’ Crisp autograph. That pretty much sums up my entire Goudey experience, although I will admit the cards would look great signed. Below is a preview of the 2008 release along with some product information.

Product details:

$4.99 per pack, 8 cards per pack, 18 packs per box, 12 boxes per case

One on-card autograph per box, 1 memorabilia, 4 Yankee Legacy, 7 mini cards, and 7 short prints per box

200 regular cards, 130 short prints (um, why so many SP’s?)

Arrival date: Early July

Look! Just what I always wanted, a Ronald Reagan baseball card….



  1. How pissed would you be when you pulled a Kerri Strug auto? Probably about as much as pulling a Topps girl.

  2. I love Reagan, but in a baseball card set? Taking the space of a baseball card in a pack? Give me a break! I just ranted about this “non-baseball card in a baseball card pack” thing a little on my own blog. I can’t stand it.

  3. Damn. Chris Kattan makes a better looking Kerry Strug in those SNL skits than Kerry Strug does on this card.

  4. I wonder if they have that red back/green back BS. This set looks quite nice, except it’s annoying when you really need two cards of each player to have a “complete” set, and that’s why I did not bother with this last year.

  5. The inserts were nice last year, I especially liked the autos as well. However the base cards just seemed boring after the first pack. I would have liked to have had these less glossy and more like the originals, both finish and cardstock.

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