The truth about baseball players

You know, as a genuine baseball fan and card collecting addict it pains me to see the Infamous Tatiana so bummed out about her encounter or lack thereof with Derek Jeter. There is nothing greater than busting a box and having my woman by my side enjoying every minute of it or seeing her obsess over some stupid 90’s flashy insert on eBay and her asking me if she should buy it. I remember in the beginning of our collecting craze (mid-’07) I would come home and find a hobby box waiting for me at our dinner table. These were the days before Wax Heaven but boy were the awesome. Today, the Infamous one gets home from work every day and looks at a huge stack of new Derek Jeter cards and just goes on with her day. She no longer cares about them, doesn’t even check eBay anymore. Well, I too have a startling confession: I knew this would happen. Remember guys, I am someone who worshiped Jose Canseco for almost two decades. Having grown up in Weston, Florida, where Jose lived for many years there were many different stories about encounters with Jose. For one, there was a story in the early 90’s that Jose saw some kids playing baseball in a field, bought them all ice cream, signed a bunch of autographs, and then joined them in a game of baseball. There are also many stories in Weston of Jose being approached by kids, teens, and adults for autographs and Jose completely blowing people off in the meanest, rudest way imaginable.

You and I both know one of those stories is probably not true. I have always know about Jose’s attitude so when I finally met him last month I did not expect much. I waved, he waived. That was as far as I was willing to go. Did I expect he’d be so damn friendly? Hell no. I still can’t believe he asked me if I wanted a photograph. I was standing there like a dummy just looking in amazement while Tatiana was chatting with Jose, Ozzie, & Heidi. Man, what a dream come true! Also, my new player Andrew Miller is a great guy but if he ever becomes the Ace I think he will be, I don’t expect him to stay after games signing one autograph after another. It’s just unrealistic to think so. These guys have incredibly busy schedules, are constantly attacked by media and fans, and like many of us, don’t always have the best personalities. For example, I am outgoing and friendly through Wax Heaven but at work and socially, I am one of the most reserved, quiet people you’d ever meet. Some people think I am arrogant, aloof, or just not friendly but that is the furthest thing from the truth.

You know, say what you will about Jose. I have heard it all, trust me. The one thing you will never take away is my meeting. For one special night, my idol was the nicest, friendliest person on that baseball field to one of his biggest supporters and I will never forget it. Sure, it wasn’t ice cream and batting practice but to me it was absolutely perfect!

For other perspectives on this subject check out the Infamous Tatiana, Dinged Corner’s post on their Spring Training experience.


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