While scouring the Net for some baseball card-related stories I stumbled upon this article. It’s a long read but well worth it when you find the part about a T-209 card being discovered. I guess the “Mona Lisa of Baseball Cards” is now the official name for this specific card. I love that Honus was against smoking and didn’t want his image used on the Tabacco cards. I am not too fond of smokers either!

Here is a brief excerpt:

and the British Museum subsequently discovered that one of these cards was an image of a famous Pittsburg baseball player called Honus Wagner, who was a ferocious campaigner against the evils of smoking. This meant that very few copies were ever produced – he requested that production be halted because his image was being used to market tobacco – and that the ones which remain in existence – perhaps 50 to 60 – are extraordinarily valuable. A fine example of this tiny, insignificant slip of a card sold for $2.8m in September 2007.