Damn that Derek Jeter!

2 04 2008

I am just playing, of course. Seriously though, check out this card being sold on eBay. So much for continuity, huh? Of course, if I pulled this card I’d be in heaven (no pun intended). For God sakes, someone hand Jeter a blue sharpie! If you want to see what one of these cards look like when someone doesn’t screw it up, check this auction here.

Personally, I don’t even like dual autographs, let alone cards with three and four autographs. Lots of people seem to enjoy them, though. To each his own. Of course, I wouldn’t mind this Andrew Miller/Tim Lincecum beauty. Unfortunately, the only one on eBay is graded. AHH!!!




7 responses

2 04 2008

That is a horrible card. Besides Jeter clashing it looks like Reggie was sneezing while signing at best.

2 04 2008

Mattingly doesn’t exactly have the best expression on his face either. Looks like a bad oriental impression.

2 04 2008

Not to mention Tino on the card…what? Three Yankee legends and Tino. Why? Get Winfield, get Guidry, get Pagliarulo…anyone but Tino!

2 04 2008

What’s wrong with Tino?!?
And that lame-o signature probably isn’t Jeter’s fault, is it?

2 04 2008
Mario A.

No, that would be Upper Deck’s doing.

3 04 2008

marcys, nothing is wrong with Tino. He just shouldn’t be on the same card as Reggie, Donnie Baseball, and Jeter. That’s all.

4 04 2008

This card makes me want to sing the Sesame Street song. “One of these things is doing it’s own thing. One of these things is not the same.” Man, Jt you are right. Tino just doesn’t belong here. Neither does that silver sig. I would say that this is Jeter’s fault just as much as UD’s. Either he purposely ignored UD’s request he signs in the blue sharpie I am sure they sent or UD forgot to tell him. I imagine the silver was for some special insert and he kept using it.

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