Still haven’t found Vindication…

Well, it’s Monday evening and I got paid. I finally have enough money to send out those last four Heavenly Vixen cards, start some new trades, and to pick up a copy of Jose Canseco’s follow-up to the smash Juiced, titled Vindicated. So far I have read 75 pages and it’s mostly talked about Roger Clemens while recapping everything that has happened since the last book. Unfortunately, over 15 pages of the book has been wasted on reprinting Jose’s entire Senate testimony and a speech given a few weeks later that he admits he had help writing. I guess it’s true that Jose had nothing left to talk about. Canseco’s first book was over 280 pages with some awesome, never before seen photos, Vindicated is barely 230 with just 3 photos of Jose and several of the players mentioned in both books. Also, the last 20+ pages are nothing but stats of the players mentioned in the two books. WHY?

It’s very clear now that this book was incredibly rushed or written without much to go on. I won’t be surprised if the next 75 pages are filled with Jose’s High School Graduation speech and a reprint of some 1988 Sports Illustrated article about his 40-40 season. What a disappointment. Oh well, I have started reading it and will continue until I get to the end. I hope it finds a way to make itself entertaining soon or else I will want my money back.

The cards below were sent by Beckett Message Board user “MagicPapa”, the man with arguably the best Ken Griffey Jr. collection on the planet, and the man who has avoided being featured in Heavenly Collections each and every time he’s been asked. Thanks for the free cards, M.P! Don’t think I have forgotten about your amazing collection, though. I will persist until the day you open up your Griffey Vault to the readers of Wax Heaven!



  1. Mario – Just saw a promo for Letterman tonight–he has Canseco as a guest, and it looks like during one of the bits, there’s a bit with Jeter on it. You guys could be in TV Heaven tonight!

    Tony – TFBCB

  2. Canseco dodged the tougher questions by Dave and talked at great length about the soft questions that Dave lobbed to him. Not much new info here, but it was interesting to see.

  3. i think brinn from BMB must have a better griffey collection, especially after buying my 07 SPA Griffey By-The-Letters Name SET a few weeks ago. Magic didnt even put an offer in…. 😦

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