Mario on Sports Collecting Radio!!!

This Tuesday, Mario Alejandro, creator of will be a featured guest on Tuff Stuff Magazine’s Sports Collecting Radio. The interview will be taped tomorrow and is expected to air Wednesday, April 9th and can be streamed from their website, not to mentioned downloaded from their blog. Now you can have Wax Heaven on your iPod!
The show made its debut in February and has since interviewed representatives from Upper Deck, Topps, & Donruss, former ball players, and many other big shots in the world of Sports Cards. Please make sure to catch the interview next week and if there is call-in line, make sure to show your support for Wax Heaven!
Who would have ever imagined that some day there would be a well-produced radio show about sports cards? I never would have never predicted it but I am sure happy I discovered it!


  1. Conrats Mario as stated above it is well deserved. Good Luck with the interview and you can be sure we will listen on our end.

  2. Guys, the interview went swell. I was so nervous and was actually sweating cause I didn’t want to mess up but it was perfect. It will air next week….I will know exactly when soon.

    Thanks for the kind words.

  3. First radio, then T.V.
    Pretty soon you will have a full page add in Beckett.
    Keep up the good work Mario!!

  4. This is where I first heard of you and your site. Now I’m hooked. This is the first Wednesday night that I haven’t sat and listened to SCR while sorting my collection. I’ve spent all night reading Wax Heaven’s archives…lol. What is it about this hobby that keeps dragging you further down the rabbit hole?

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