Has Topps ruined Finest?

I was dying for a couple of boxes of 2008 Topps Finest, so much so that I had my money saved up for an entire case before my car was stolen. Well, as it turns out…losing my car might have been the best thing because Topps has included autographs of the “Rip Girls” from the cheesy Topps TV box breaks.

I will still get a box but if I pull one of these auto’s instead of a real baseball player I will be extremely disappointed. The word right now is that these are bonus autographs inserted randomly and not a replacement for actual autographs. That has not been confirmed by Topps just yet, though.

You can check out the eBay auctions here, here, and here.


14 thoughts on “Has Topps ruined Finest?

  1. To answer the rhetorical question posted in the title of the post: No, Topps hasn’t ruined Finest. It already was ruined. Finest has ceased to be a collectible product for years now — especially since it went to autographed base set gimmicked RCs.

    It would be kind of funny though if Alan Narz filmed a “Rip Party” and pulled an AU of himself.

    Junkie: You’re right. I don’t know what to think. Maybe Topps is trying to gimmick its way to oblivion?

  2. I don’t know how to feel about finest… I called my local hobby shop to see when they would be in. Turns out they got in today so I went and picked up a “master box”. As a new collector I enjoyed the chrome refractor base cards and some of the team favorites look neat. As far as the parallels go i thought that the green and blue (I’m sure the red also) look really cheesy. However I was able to snag a gold Dice k numbered to 50. Its fun to get autos but it sucks when you cant sell the ones you don’t want for more than a buck. Fell free to take a look at scans and a review at waxbreaker.blogspot.com. I’ll be putting it up after practice.


  3. So it’s *not* an April Fools Day joke? Seriously? If I buy I box of this stuff I might get an autograph of the “Rip Master!!!”?

    I’m going back to bed.

    Never should have got up today.

    P.S. Happy 100K hit, Mario.

  4. Ok

    So what’s next?

    Cut auto’s of the factory workers from Topps?

    Give me a break!

  5. *shrug* It’s yet another product I will buy very little of, for the simple fact that I don’t have hundreds of dollars of disposable income every month.

    They keep talking about making it for the kids, but outside of Opening Day and First Pitch, they don’t give a crap about the kids, it’s all about the prospectors, which is why there’s so many variations and ‘hits’.

    Granted, the good part of that is that usually AU/GU of my guys can be had pretty cheap on the Bay 😀

  6. I hear the rip girl auto cards are in addition to the other guaranteed autos it the master boxes.

    So if you pull a rip girl auto you should still pull another player auto from a differnt pack in the minibox.

  7. So help me god if they end up in topps triple threads I quit collecting cards! I don’t know if i’d be ok with my kid pulled one of these blonde dimwits’ cards. It’s pretty much objectifing women and setting unrealistic standards. *steps down from soapbox*

  8. If you think topps screwed that up look at thier website for the “Uzi” 08 card. total hoax, thanks topps.


  10. “The Rip Girls, and Rip Master”. WHAT!!!! I will not even buy a book of TOPPS Finest out of feer of getting those Cards. Are these real people? Is this some kind of really bad joke? Please can someone tell me why Finest wastest thier time with these losers.

  11. dont worry… it gets worse. i busted a box of this to find an autograph MISSING. i received 2 autos plus a rookie redemption… what do i do

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