Down with the Sweet Spot!

I am the very proud owner of two Upper Deck Andrew Miller Sweet Spot autographs. The first one cost a pretty penny (black bat barrel) and the second I got for a steal (brown glove). Unfortunately, due to a lapse of judgment I went against my wife’s wishes and bought something on eBay I probably didn’t need and was kicked off of eBay just HOURS before I was able to purchase the last Sweet Spot Andrew Miller in the set, a white baseball. That card is now gone and so are my chances, at least for the moment, to complete that set.

Well, this morning at 5:30 A.M before getting ready for work I decide to check out eBay for new Miller cards when a noise loud enough to startle a sleeping Infamous Tatiana was heard all around the house. “FU%K!!!!“. Tatiana jumped up from bed looked at me with a confused/angry expression, saw what was on the monitor and softly whispered, “don’t even think about it”. I was in shock and couldn’t hold in my feelings. There was another Miller Sweet Spot I was missing. Instead of being 75% complete, I am only at 50%. Don’t even think about it? Damn it, Upper Deck how many other Andrew Miller cards do you want to torment me with? How about his batting gloves, cleats, bloody sock, and a 1/1 signed, body-used appendix? Geez!



  1. I am busting some of this product this weekend….If I snag a Miller it is yours as YES I am a Yankee fan…I know Booo Hooo!!!

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