Want to own a piece of history?

Well, now is your chance with the first ever Wax Heaven challenge! I am giving up my ’08 Topps Heritage Mickey Mantle ‘Authentic Stadium Seat’ relic to the first person that can find 10 different Ozzie Canseco baseball cards that are not in my collection. You can see my whopping 13 card collection scanned HERE.

I can help you out a bit, if you need it. There is a ’93 Donruss Boys of Summer and a ’91 Stadium Club that should be pretty easy to find. The rest of the cards are probably all minor league cards (4 on eBay). To be honest, I don’t think ANYONE is up for this challenge. If everyone fails, I will make the next one a little easier.

You have until the end of April. Good luck!



  1. Beckett’s big alphabetical book lists 40 Ozzie cards. 40! I got 6 and only one you don’t have. I think the 1990 fleer you pictured may actually be the Fleer Update.

  2. Having 6 is pretty impressive!!!

    Actually, someone is about to win the Mantle. They found 18 that I don’t have. There will be an update as soon as the cards arrive.

  3. Somebody actually had 18 Ozzie Conseco cards you don’t have????? What a good prize. Throw in a Maris. Now a broadcasting star. Does XM radio have a blog talk channel?

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