New York vs. Florida

Today we went to the Florida Marlins vs. New York Yankees exhibition game. It’s the last two games of Spring Training for the “Fish” so we made sure to attend and wouldn’t you know it, our boy Andrew Miller was pitching. The park wouldn’t allow anyone in till 4 but we got there at 2:30 and I ended up driving into the employee parking lot and saving myself a $10 parking fee. Of course, the “Infamous” one was petrified but what can you do? By the time we were in the stadium it had been a couple of hours in the hot Florida Sun. We had witnessed a big fist fight over cutting in line, and had our ears talked off by what appeared to be a homeless guy with game day tickets. At first both Tatiana and I were nice but when he started going on and on about how illegal aliens should go back to their country for twenty minutes I simply turned my back and ignored him. He may have had a few loose screws but he was also an openly racist jerk-off who hates Hispanics and African Americans.

When the gates opened I ran for a good 10 minutes through the stadium without stopping for rest. By the time I was inside my legs gave out but I continued towards the Yankees. At first the asthma attack came to me and later everything began to turn red and my arms became numb. Unfortunately, by that time I was already near the visitor’s dugout with 200 other fans and could not escape. I felt I needed an ambulance but there was no way out. I was about to pass out when someone noticed and handed me their water bottle. I doused half of it over my head and drank the other half. The lady was a Jeter fan so I gave her Tatiana’s ’07 Goudey as a thank you and went on my way.

The game itself was amazing! A-Rod homered, Andrew Miller spanked the Yankees, struck out a bunch of them and took home the win, despite being a little shaky at first. Mike Jacobs hit two home runs and boy did it feel awesome beating those arrogant Yankees. During batting practice Jeter and Alex both completely ignored the fans. Neither one of them even waved at us. It was the typical “Barry Bonds” attitude. Come to think of it, the only Yankee who signed that day was Jason Giambi. Hideki, Jeter, Damon, Cano, A-Rod, Tino Martinez, Posada, all of them completely ignored the fans. In the outfield I can say that Bobby Abreu was the nicest of all Yankees. He waved at Tatiana on more than one occasion.

I didn’t go there with any other intentions but to get some nice photos. I don’t expect any Yankee to sign a damn thing but this was pretty ridiculous. Thankfully, Luis Gonzalez, Alexis Gomez, Jason Giambi, and Bobby Abreu were kind enough to make time for the fans. Below are a few of the photos snapped by yours truly. Hope you enjoy!

waiting in the hot sun

sitting in a chair about to faint

Jessica’s other man

the other Jessica’s man

Luis in the outfield

a rare breed among the Yankees

the wind-up

…and the pitch!



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