I am an idiot

Just a few hours before the closing of the 2007 Upper Deck Sweet Spot Andrew Miller (baseball) to complete my set (bat, glove), I have been expelled from eBay by the Infamous Tatiana for a purchase I made at work yesterday. It all happened when I went surfing eBay for new Jose Canseco cards. Unfortunately, I saw something I just couldn’t resist and without even looking at the price, I bought it.

My name is Mario Alejandro, and I have an addiction. Let me just say that Tatiana is not happy right now. Yes, I made a mistake but should I be punished for it? Possibly. I bought a box of chocolates called 40/40 Power Bars produced in 1989. Is it wrong to buy chocolate from 20 years ago even if it features your favorite player of all-time on the wrapper? I’d say so.

You may not like my opinions all the time but it can never be said that I don’t love baseball and baseball cards. I am a collector just like every single one of you except sometimes my common sense gets lost in my childhood excitement. I will do the best to put these power bars to good use. I don’t know how, but I will. Just don’t ask me to eat any.

As for the Miller…I will beg and beg for it. I still have 10 hours on the auction. πŸ™‚

22 thoughts on “I am an idiot

  1. Oh my God… How… Power Bars from 1989? I didn’t even know there was such a thing… Canseco is a hell of a drug.

    Good luck on the Miller, bro.

  2. Justin

    Just don’t store those in the attic. You might just end up floating Canseco wrappers down a chocolate river. Not to be snoopy, but a quick search of ebay shows during the history of that account the amount of money spent on Jeter cards woefully overshadows the 17 bucks for those Canseco snacks. It might be time to man-up for your Miller. If it helps your arguement at all, I have a handful of Mexican Fernando Valenzuela “Gum-Gum” sticks from around 82′. Had them since probably 84 and I still think they’re cool. It’s fun to be eclectic in your collecting.

  3. Well, considering I am the one paying for his addiction….

    I may just close the Ebay account for good. Yeah, I realize I’ll be suffering and won’t be able to invest in any new Jeters, but WHO THE HELL BUYS 19 YEAR OLD CHOCOLATE BARS?!?!

    They won’t go in the attic, I may just toss them. Mario won’t get it through his thick skull that they shouldn’t be eaten, and I really don’t feel like rushing to the emergency room.

    I know women that would divorce their men over this. I think me suspending access to Ebay for awhile is more than fair.

  4. Rob

    Ut O….The Infamous sounds like my wife now with Ebay. I purchased a Coke can from 1975 from the all star game still sealed with about a drop of coke in it. I will not say what happened to that can….Let’s just say I longer own it. We all learn from our mistakes….Just do not eat the damn things! LOL

  5. Hmmm… probably it would be fine to eat them if you started off slowly… just nibbling and building up some tolerance. If they don’t kill you, they will definitely make you stronger… possibly Jose STRONGER!!!

  6. I smell a great video post about these things. I bought some old chocolate one time but at least there were cards in the box too.

    Maybe you should call Dr. Phil.

  7. LO

    I wonder if those candy bars are laced with some sort of magic supplements to make your muscles bigger.

  8. sehrraja

    There are some temptations in life that one shouldn’t resist…although it’s said that too much of anything is bad but how would we experience bad if we didn’t know about too much…:;)
    good luck and keep collecting.

  9. whatthehellme

    At least you only spent $8 for those my wife opened a package that came for me and found out I dropped $300 on one card.
    Tatiana, it could always be worse…..
    Free Mario!!!!!

  10. Mario is on lock down for awhile. I am trying to PREVENT the day that I see a card he spent 300$ on. Especially since this is my money he is using. It starts with one card, then a 19 year old 35 ct. box of chocolate bars…. If I do nothing, the downward spiral will continue.

  11. Dave

    WoW! Sad story ………… My ebay is MY EBAY! I sell a ton of skrit on their and use some to pay bills and some to buy more cards, boxes, supplies, etc… My advice is for Mario, who is bragging about having a website (waxhaven’t…I know its heaven.) and bragging about free andrew miller cards from AAT?? and bragging about being on Tuff Stuff (Stuff Tuff?) radio… Maybe Mario needs to actually use his hobby time to make some real money (you wouldn’t be waiting on a check to pay for a card). I buy Joba Bowman Chrome autos, Jacoby Ellsury 05 bowman chrome auto rc’s, Jimmy Rollins rcs, Jay Bruce Rc’s, Johan Santana Rc’s, Jed Lowrie auto rc’s … not to mention all the stuff I buy to re-sale all with money I make from selling on Ebay. I use Paypal (some people hate…Works perfect for me for over two years) and with my paypal account I just use funds that I have made from auctions and sells to purchase, never dipping into my “bill” money for my, as mario and I.T. call it “addiction”.
    I just tell you all this because I know that you could easily (as much as you like the hobby) make plenty of money to be Independent,… which believe me feels pretty damn good.

    Ok now if you don’t like any of that and Tatiana doesn’t mind buying your cards etc.. and you have a wife/gf that will take care of your hobby/addiction and be ok with it, then more power to ya. Oh and if you write a book on how to get people to send you free autos and 1/1’s and have your wife buy your cards then I will buy an advance copy! ; )

    *****I am hoping that the whole choc. bar story was a big hoax/joke and that 1. you didn’t actually buy the bars and 2. Tatiana didn’t actually ban you “temporarily” from the ebay account.******

    If it is really true I am sorry that I posted.

  12. Thanks for the advice. Unfortunately, it’s 100% true.

    I will post some real pics of the chocolate bars when the arrive. Also, I lost out on the Miller Sweet Spot I needed to complete the set.

  13. JBob

    I must say that I found this to be humorous because i saw, paused, and decided against those very same bars. I kind of feel it necessary to say as well that what i like about this site is that Mario isn’t trying to scam every member of the community into buying his cards or make him lots of money.

  14. Wanshika

    Oh thats just stupid. YOU SHOULD FIRST CHECK THE PRICE BEFORE YOU ORDER ANYTHING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And anyways i have never ever ever heard or seen this 40/40 Bar before.
    And i know that this 40/40 bar was there in 1989 BUT STILL πŸ˜€ πŸ˜› πŸ˜€ πŸ˜›

  15. Wanshika

    And i think that Rob is right Because we really do learn from our mistakes.

    But if you are not doing the accident purposelyy then you are not learning .
    Only you are learning to lie and get other people in trouble πŸ˜›
    And i think that Mario learnt something and he is telling the truth.

  16. Here’s an update:

    The chocolate bars remained at my old house when I moved out and were eventually tossed in the trash by Tatiana.


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