Just a few hours before the closing of the 2007 Upper Deck Sweet Spot Andrew Miller (baseball) to complete my set (bat, glove), I have been expelled from eBay by the Infamous Tatiana for a purchase I made at work yesterday. It all happened when I went surfing eBay for new Jose Canseco cards. Unfortunately, I saw something I just couldn’t resist and without even looking at the price, I bought it.

My name is Mario Alejandro, and I have an addiction. Let me just say that Tatiana is not happy right now. Yes, I made a mistake but should I be punished for it? Possibly. I bought a box of chocolates called 40/40 Power Bars produced in 1989. Is it wrong to buy chocolate from 20 years ago even if it features your favorite player of all-time on the wrapper? I’d say so.

You may not like my opinions all the time but it can never be said that I don’t love baseball and baseball cards. I am a collector just like every single one of you except sometimes my common sense gets lost in my childhood excitement. I will do the best to put these power bars to good use. I don’t know how, but I will. Just don’t ask me to eat any.

As for the Miller…I will beg and beg for it. I still have 10 hours on the auction. πŸ™‚