Another day, another Miller!

Oh man, fresh off Andrew Miller’s awesome performance against the New York Yankees I arrived at my house close to midnight only to find two packages waiting in my mailbox. The first was the Andrew Miller ’07 Sweet Spot that kind of got me in some trouble a while ago. I am sorry Tatiana but the card is a beauty and the signature is PERFECT. Of course, someone mentioned that they tend to fade but that is something I will deal with down the line. I would sleep on the couch any day of the week to get this card again.

The other card came from Jason Hartigan, a longtime reader of Wax Heaven. About a month ago I began talks with 1st40/40 a Canseco Super Collector, for a possible Canseco trade. I had tons of doubles thanks to the Canseco King and knew 1st40/40 would be a great resource for new Jose cards that I lacked. When he sent me to his website I began to look through the cards he needed when I had a mini-epiphany; I didn’t have the desire or passion left in me to continue my Jose Canseco collection. A few weeks later I posted this blog saying goodbye to Jose. Of course, everything changed a few days later when we bumped into each other. Well, the point was that rather than trade my cards to 1st40/40, I sent a good 50 Jose Canseco doubles to JBob to add to his collection of 200+ and expected nothing back. I knew 1st40/40 would appreciate it as much but to be honest, I didn’t want anything in return.

Of course, JBob shocked the hell out of me because without warning he sent me a small package that contained a few ’08 cards and one really awesome 2006 Tristar Prospects card! Jason, you read my freakin’ mind. I had been watching this card for about a week now knowing that if I wanted to collect Andrew Miller, I would need to own this baby. Thanks so much for the card and good luck with your growing Canseco collection!!!

To check out my updated Andrew Miller collection CLICK HERE.



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