The Yankees are coming!

Tomorrow the New York Yankees and all their Steroids/Jessica Alba Herpes baggage are coming into town to face the Florida Marlins. I won’t lie, I will be rooting for the home team while trying to fight off the greasy New York fans cheering for Jeter and Joba. As soon as we are allowed I will take some photos of the big stars and watch as Tatiana tries, and ultimately fails to get Derek Jeter to sign her Yankees Beany Baby. I’d like a few good shots of Jeter, A-Rod, Joba, and a few others. Afterwards I will rush to the Marlins side and cheer on Hanley, Miller, and, um….Hanley some more?

Also, “Mr. Marlin” Jeff Conine signed a one day contract to be able to retire as a Florida Marlin. It’s going to be emotional for him and the fans since he was with us in our inaugural season, in 1997 when we won our first World Series, and in 2003 when we won our second one. Anyways, expect a bunch of photos late Friday night, early Saturday.



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