The 31-Year Old Pack Searcher

Man, this kills me. It really does. First of all, I rarely buy retail packs so it doesn’t affect me but this is pretty pathetic. The idea of some World of Warcraft-playing 31-year old loser lurking the trading cards isle of Target waiting for new boxes really disgusts me. I bet this is the kind of guy that would push your 10-year old son out of the way to get at the new packs.

Below is a scan of the card he pulled and you can read as he brags about it on the usually extremely dull Blowoutcards forums. If you look closely, it’s just an “authentic stadium seat relic” so it’s not much to brag about. He still might get a couple of C-notes since it’s #’d to just 10.



  1. Here is the thing about pack searching, the odds that you hit a good relic card are so stacked against you it’s ridiculous. Sure we get the see the 10/10 cards being pulled (although I have my doubt he did that and I think it’s just a scan he found online), but no one (except me) shows the crap Mike Sweeneys or Morgan Ensbergs they find. There is a guy on there that says that there are 8 targets within a 100 mile radius of his house and that once a week, he treks 3 hours to pack search. All I can say to that is LOSER! Sorry I would never dedicate that kind of gas money / time to doing that. I have pack searched in my younger days and I can tell you first hand that you aren’t going to get limited edition relics or chromes in every pack. You are going to find a common relic almost every time (5% chance of hitting anything else). So you know what, you keep pack searching and I will keep buying your crap jersey cards for a buck a piece on eBay. Thus saving myself 2 bucks on the pack.

  2. I agree — that’s sad. I suppose it’s not illegal, but it just seems wrong. And it’s unfortunate for the people who come along later and want to buy a pack or two, because they have a much smaller chance of pulling a great card.

    It doesn’t affect just kids either. I’d like to get a pack or two of each kind, just to check out each design. I can’t afford to buy boxes of all these different kinds. (I can hardly afford any hobby boxes these days.) I like collecting for fun, but it’s so expensive.

  3. If you make your way through the entire thread it looks like this was actually some kind of joke. Not sure who all was in on it, but I believe the original poster fabricated the story to ruffle some feathers. Apparently it worked…

  4. We pack searchers are the elite members of the hobby, some might even call us VIPs. Everyone who complains about us are just jealous that they don’t have the knowledge of how to search packs, or can’t get to the stores early and often enough to clean them out. Pure envy. We swoop in, get the good stuff, make some cash, and leave the rest for you losers.

  5. VIPs, elite members of the hobby??
    Brad, you are an interesting individual.
    You think you are high and mighty because you cheat your way to a good card?
    Maybe your sensitive fingers have spent too much time searching for a package behind your zipper.
    Congratulations on being hobby scum, we are all very proud of you!

  6. Bernie, thanks for the info. I wrote this when there was only 7-8 pages in the thread. If it was a joke, it was a good one.

    Personally, I don’t buy retail, I stick to hobby but I still believe people who pack search, and there are many out there that do, are pretty sad individuals.

  7. FYI… Hobby-ist (Hobby Store Owners) were the first place I learned of this problem. I knew a Hobby Store Owner (acutally two place in near by vicinity) both allowed a few different searches to go thru their new boxes before they put on shelves. Including Weighting boxes of cards out of the case. Just to better their odds. Unfortunately I figured if I was going to continue in this hobby I would be them at their own game. The THRILL of the HUNT is awesome!!!

  8. I cant believe it a thrirty year old man pack searching!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT A LOSER he problably lives with HIS MOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT AN IDIOT HE MUST BE ASHAMED OF HIS SELF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111 MARK, 13

  9. I’m still tring to find out where this guy lives, have contacted Target international they basically said that if a customer complains to the Store Manager he will be banned.

  10. brad,
    dont mistake a pimple on chris olds fat ass for a VIP.

    if I ever find you I will break ever finger you have and put you under citizens arrest for shoplifting. I dont care if it holds up I just want to see you people pay.

  11. Almost a year later, but still a cool thread/topic to dig up. I don’t know what draws more ire in the community than pack searchers… not even sticker autos. Beckett’s old loaded boxes were probably a close second.

  12. yeah for sure slette. IMO beckett is slightly worse as theyre taking bigger cards, but searchers are taking from kids so I guess its close.

    and Im not just saying Im going after the bad guys, every time I got to a walmart/target I check if people are screwing with the card section before I check out.

  13. petrosian,

    Pack searching is the evolution of card collecting. If you are going to pay $3.00 for a pack with only 3 cards inside, why not make it a good one. There are worse people than pack searchers, they are the individuals who open the packs in the store to see the contents!

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