The next Michael Jordan?

I will be the first to admit that I am not much of a basketball fan but being an all-around sports fan, I listen to a lot of talk radio. Lately the rumors have been running  rampant about the Miami Heat tanking the season in order to get a better chance at the #1 draft pick. Word around town is that Michael Beasley will be that pick and just from the fan feedback alone, you would think this guy is the next Michael Jordan.

Of course, I have been one the wrong side of prospects before. I once spent $30 on this rookie card of the “next big thing” only to watch him go out year after year with injuries. I did the same thing after watching Allen Iverson play in college and while he has turned out to be one of the greatest of his generation, he is no replacement to M.J. So to any basketball fans out there: is Beasley the next Jordan?

I have scoured eBay a couple of times and can’t seem to find any true rookie cards yet so I am guessing his official rookie card has not been produced yet. You can expect me to pick up a couple of those when the time is right. I just hope his career is a little more successful than the guy below. I mean, sure the commercials were funny but it won’t help his Skybox skyrocket anytime soon.



  1. No, not the next Jordan, at least in terms of card values. Every player that they say that about these days is over hyped, and will end up having 34 rookie cards, with a bunch of autos and memorabilia, and everyone will buy them, and they may or may not do ok, but it won’t be like Jordan’s rookie.

    As for guys who I’ve fallen for the hype with, my big one was Vince Carter. I cringe when I think how much I spent on his rookie cards–fortunately it was only a couple hundred bucks.

  2. No, Beasley is no where near the “next Jordan,” card value or skills. That title belongs to LeBron James.

    And there aren’t any cards of him yet because he’s still in school.

  3. Remember Harold Miner? Yeah he really was Baby Jordan.

    I think Beasley won’t be a spectacular NBA player. he’ll be good, but not incredible.

  4. Would this even be a discussion if Beasley wasn’t thinking of heading to the NBA? Probably not. And, really, being that young in the NBA you’d have to stay very focused to get close to the MJ level.

  5. Kobe is the closest to MJ, and in my opinion if he wins this year (07-08) he will pass Jordan. Kobe is the best basketball player the world right now. LeBron won’t stand up to Kobe, he will bow down. Beasley won’t be the next MJ. I think his career stats will be 20 and 8. Kobe is the man.

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