Okay, I can understand starting future superstar Cameron Maybin in the minors. He’s clearly not ready for big league pitching but now he is messin’ with destiny by telling our only superstar, Hanley Ramirez not to steal bases! What kind of coach tells a back to back 50+ S.B guy to slow down and hit more home runs? Last season Hanley hit 29 home runs with 51 stolen bases and I predicted he might someday be the first-ever 50-50 man. The way he looks this Spring Training, it appears Hanley’s been working out quite a bit and 35+ home runs is not out of the question so why the hell is stealing bases a problem?

Did anyone tell Jose Canseco not to steal bases in 1988? Or how about Barry Bonds and Alex Rodriguez? These guys all had speed and power and played on much better teams than the 2008 Florida Marlins so what’s the big deal? Let’s be honest, it will be hard not to lose 100 games after trading Miguel Cabrera and Dontrelle Willis so why not leave Hanley Ramirez alone? It’s obvious he has something special and the Marlins won’t be competitive for a few seasons. His potential is limitless no matter what his crazy manager tells him.

Right now I am missing Joe Girardi…