Am I missing something…?

27 03 2008

I am as big a fan of Jurassic Park as the next guy but is this guy’s autograph really worth $4,600? It must be cause someone just paid that ridiculous price on eBay for a very ugly card from a poorly-designed set of an extremely overrated movie. There, I said it. I was never a fan of Indiana Jones but I know many 80’s geeks waiting in line for this movie already. I have already been let down by Transformers & Rocky to know not to expect much from this re-hash.

You know, for that price, a non-sticker auto would have been nice. For how meticulous a director Mr. Spielberg is, you would think he’d be careful to stick within the sticker borders. Oh well, what can you do? Check out the completed auction HERE.




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27 03 2008

Is that really a sticker, or is it some sort of cut autograph?

Not that it matters I guess.

27 03 2008

Is that a sticker or a cut auto?

Spielberg won his own auction so it’s probably just a cheap way to promote the movie. Look for “Steven Spielberg autograph sells for $4600 dollars in anticipation of THE NEW INDIANA JONES MOVIE” fluff articles soon in a People magazine near you.

27 03 2008


27 03 2008

I wouldn’t pay that. But then, I wouldn’t pay $4600 for anyone’s autograph. That said, I can’t wait for Indy 4. Call me a nerd, I don’t care. Dr. Jones rocks!

27 03 2008
Greg A.

Whaddya mean Transformers was a letdown? Okay, I was never a fan as a kid (too old by then) and never owned any of the toys, but the new Transformers movie was great! 😛

27 03 2008

I’ve always wanted to take Indy’s class in college it would be so easy. Every semester 2 weeks into archaeology his father busts in with some story about a headpiece from the staff of Ra and bam! no classes for the rest of the semester.

29 03 2008

that is actually a steal on that auto…very hard to pull

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