Am I missing something…?

I am as big a fan of Jurassic Park as the next guy but is this guy’s autograph really worth $4,600? It must be cause someone just paid that ridiculous price on eBay for a very ugly card from a poorly-designed set of an extremely overrated movie. There, I said it. I was never a fan of Indiana Jones but I know many 80’s geeks waiting in line for this movie already. I have already been let down by Transformers & Rocky to know not to expect much from this re-hash.

You know, for that price, a non-sticker auto would have been nice. For how meticulous a director Mr. Spielberg is, you would think he’d be careful to stick within the sticker borders. Oh well, what can you do? Check out the completed auction HERE.



  1. Is that a sticker or a cut auto?

    Spielberg won his own auction so it’s probably just a cheap way to promote the movie. Look for “Steven Spielberg autograph sells for $4600 dollars in anticipation of THE NEW INDIANA JONES MOVIE” fluff articles soon in a People magazine near you.

  2. I wouldn’t pay that. But then, I wouldn’t pay $4600 for anyone’s autograph. That said, I can’t wait for Indy 4. Call me a nerd, I don’t care. Dr. Jones rocks!

  3. Whaddya mean Transformers was a letdown? Okay, I was never a fan as a kid (too old by then) and never owned any of the toys, but the new Transformers movie was great! 😛

  4. I’ve always wanted to take Indy’s class in college it would be so easy. Every semester 2 weeks into archaeology his father busts in with some story about a headpiece from the staff of Ra and bam! no classes for the rest of the semester.

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