The big two have become complacent

This is exactly what happens when your competition cannot keep up. Jose Canseco became complacent in the early 90’s and Ken Griffey Jr. & Frank Thomas completely destroyed all his accomplishments in no time. Now with Fleer and Donruss out the door, the two remaining companies are putting out one horrible product after another but instead of bringing in new customers, they are driving away old ones who can no longer afford to stay in the hobby. I for one spent quite a bit of cash in 2007 and still could not get my hands on products like Upper Deck Black, Premier, or Triple Threads.

Seriously, if Topps Moments & Milestones, Upper Deck Spectrum, and many others were discontinued would they be missed at all? Well, let me just say that I hated 2007 Fleer but seeing them being taken out of the game for 2008 was pretty disheartening. Of course, this commentary came to me after seeing these two horrible triple autograph disasters. What is worse? A triple autograph featuring Ken Griffey, Derek Jeter, and Jason Bay (?), or the fact that continuity goes out the door with a shinny Griffey Jr. sticker auto when the other two are not?

Check out one of the cards on eBay demanding $900. HA!


One comment

  1. Continuity went out the door when Griff, Jeter, and Bay were put on the card together (regardless of the sticker shine). What do those three have in common? Am I missing something?

    I mean, at least do Griff, Bay, and Beltran and say it’s an NL All-Star OF card or something.

    Great post. Remember when Beckett used to blog about this stuff? Now we get a once a week posting to write a poem or guess pages in a future magazine. Long live Wax Heaven… the best card blog out there!

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