The Anti-Canseco movement…

So today some freelance writer supposedly got an early copy of Jose Canseco’s book more than a week before it’s released due to some wacky mishap on the book store’s part. He wrote a piece about the contents of the book and it’s quickly become huge news around the sports world. Supposedly, this time around he implicates Magglio Ordonez, Roger Clemens, and most of all, Alex Rodriguez. Folks, let me be the first to point out that I hinted at A-Rod & Steroids long before this book was finished with this blog but no one cared to listen. Already the Yankee nut-jobs are going to defense of their beloved choke artist A-Rod, without giving credit to the only guy who has been upfront and honest about this subject. Let’s not forget that Jose single-handedly took away and ripped up Rafael Palmeiro & Mark McGwire’s Hall of Fame pass and will more than likely do it to A-Rod, now that Clemens went and lost the pass on his own.

Many are pointing to the fact that Jose never claims, according to this report, to have injected A-Rod. All the report mentions is that Jose introduced A-Rod to a friendly drug dealer. Right away people are using the defense that just because they were introduced doesn’t mean that he used. Sure, you can use that excuse but what’s to say A-Rod himself didn’t personally request for Jose to find him a good drug guy? The biggest story of the day regarding this news is that A-Rod was trying to nail Jose’s wife before AND after Jose went to the trouble of hooking him up. All I can say to that is, “I don’t know how to respond to that”. Seriously, before you go and doubt Jose (Tatiana), let’s not forget Alex Rodriguez has a thing for muscular-looking blonde men, err, women and Jose had one of those. Oh, and she was not an old woman…she was one year younger than Alex.

Whatever the case may be, it has officially started again. Jose, I know you are not reading this but I hope you know that you have fans who support you all the way. I suppose it will be another two years before the entire media makes you their sweetheart again—stay strong and keep speaking the truth, no matter what.


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  1. I figured A-Rod would be named sooner or later. Obviously we’ll need to hear more from both sides, but there have been some suspicions.

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