First photos of Juan Duran!

I don’t mean the first photos published, I mean literally the first photos ever taken. If you don’t remember, this is the 16 year-old the Reds gave $2 million to sign. So guys, take a look at the next Alex Rodriguez, minus the Steroids and Manly Woman fetish.

There is an article about this kid but it’s in Spanish. No, I won’t translate it for you but Tatiana might if you ask nicely. Who am I kidding? Her Spanish is horrible.



  1. Ahhhhhh! It’s a good morning indeed. The sun is shiny, the flowers blossoming, birds singing and the Reds are opening the checkbook.

  2. “So guys, take a look at the next Alex Rodriguez, minus the Steroids and Manly Woman fetish.”

    Im so glad to see that you’ve completely fallen in love with your new found steroid buddy Jose canseco, enough to believe a baseless accusation against the greatest baseball player…EVER.

    Im no A-rod fanboy but the man is clearly the most talented player in the league today, Steroids? Look at his rookie year and repeat that again.

    Looks like getting to know an accused drug dealer and bitter has been has softened your stance a bit eh? Starstruck a bit?
    And as for Duran, The next Alex rodriguez? Get real buddy, he could only dream.

  3. Not at all, Gleb…

    A-Rod is an amazing player but the whispers of Steroids came way before Jose’s accusation. Let’s be honest with ourselves….EVERY player from the mid-90’s can fairly be accused without it being a looked at as a witch hunt or bias on the accuser.

    He hit 36 in his rookie season and after 5 full seasons never hit more than 42. Now he’s hit 50 or more 3 times and almost 5 if you look at two years in which he came extremely close to 50. What gave him that extra boost?

  4. Raw talent and Hard work, no matter what he did the previous day A-rod is in the Gym at 7am, no matter what.
    I don’t have that dedication, do you?

    Im glad you guys believe a dirty rat like Canseco hell on smearing and getting some extra $$, but I guess that just shows you how far baseball has come.

  5. Gleb, I was once like you. When I read Jose’s first book and saw the name “Rafael Palmeiro” I couldn’t believe my eyes. That was one guy I always though was above Steroids, had the most natural and beautiful swing next to Griffey, and was as clean as a whistle. I truly thought then Jose was lying to get back at baseball but you and I know what happened next.

    All I am saying is that this time around I am taking Jose’s word. I won’t get fooled again.

    BTW, check out Wax Heaven tomorrow to see some nice photos of A-Rod since we are going to the Yankees game. šŸ˜‰

  6. Once like me? you make me sound like an innocent 12 year old who doesn’t know how this world works. Im 20 and too never thought Palmiero would stoop to that level. *Points finger at congress
    I also know in order for Canseco to pay his rent every month he needs to maintain a certain level of celebrity, being the bum that he is I am not surprised at anything im hearing. I stayed up till 11:35 to watch the dateline special with canseco and it was a load of trash. Get those pictures of A-rod, show them to Canseco at the next soft ball game and tell him thats what a real athlete looks like.

  7. Have to go get his sig. since I am close enough to see Chattanooga Lookouts games and they are the Reds farm team…. Yeah yeah yeah ……. Jay B., Homer B., and all the other B.’s that I have sigs of in their Lookouts digs.. I am not gonna say we never lost a whole series to the Montgomery Biscuits …LOL… but we aint that bad either. Go LOOKS!

  8. I’m sorry for two posts in a row but I have to say something about the bat he is holding… I mean look at the grooves, wear, and sheer age on that thing(looks way older than any of the Mathewson bats or other bats that I have seen Christie’s auction)… It has to be an a real antique.. He should stop by “The antiques roadshow” on the way to the bigshow and see what his “the first bat known to man” is worth…LOL! I bet that skrit used to be a club and when baseball was invented it was improved slightly to form a bat.

  9. that kids too young to be the batboy & too small. they must know something i don’t.


  10. hey is sad to see how people talk about thiks they dont’ know this is my first cousin hes a very good kid dedicate love the game and his here for the love to the game so please remember you talking about a 16 years old you all wish this was your son or family make you fell proud.

  11. For me, Duran is Corey Hart with Adam Dunn power. He is 6’8, and Hart is 6’6, but they both run well for big guys, Duran will be a .270 hitter for most of his career, but he has Dunn like power

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