Another awesome mailday!

Wow, it’s getting to be almost daily that I am picking up new Andrew Miller cards. Today, my $70 Upper Deck Sweet Spot arrived in the mail. It’s gorgeous and the first time I have had one of these in my hands. Sad to say but I am happy I never busted a tin of this stuff. The risk is too big.

Also, a couple of weeks ago Matt sent some free cards to Tatiana and I and in return I filled 24 ’08 Heritage cards for his set he is working on completing. Well, as a thank-you, Matt sent even more cards! He sent an ’08 Upper Deck Miller (I have it), a nice-looking but recently demoted Cameron Maybin from ’08 Heritage, and best of all, a 2007 Topps Chrome Blue Refractor. Wow, I don’t know what to say. Well, how is thank you for starters? You rock. It is truly appreciated. This weekend I will try to go through the collection looking for more of your set needs.

To see my Andrew Miller collection with the new cards scanned, click HERE.



  1. Nice little collection you have going there. I like how you are working on low numbered inserts. Next month I am going on a base card buying frenzy on sportlots for Kearns. Found 168 cards (some inserts and parallels) I did not have. Keep it up on the cool card and new Miller collection. Maybe one day I can put in a good word for you to the Infamous One and she can post em in a Heavenly Collections profile. I know people.

  2. BTW, got your cards in the mail today. Hope mine show up soon.

    As soon as I finish logging my collection, I’ll post the trade on my blog 🙂

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