Mannys in the attic

Okay, so I don’t exactly have an attic but last night I went searching for an old camera looking for an extra memory card to lend my sister when in an old box I made an amazing discovery! In an old lunch box I found 4 cards that survived the death of my collection from Y2k. You see, by the year 2000 I had already been out of the hobby for a while but held on to my cards in just in case. One year we were hit by a hurricane that caused some minor flooding but just enough to destroy my two 5,000 count boxes of baseball cards. To be honest, I didn’t care much about it since my Jose Canseco collection was safe but everything else was gone. I had cards from as early as 1989 to as recent as 1999 Bowman. I guess looking back now I am somewhat bummed that I lost my 1992 Bowman Manny Ramirez, 1990 Leaf Sammy Sosa, and a huge collection of Derek Jeter cards that would have got me brownie points today. It’s not a big deal, though. I got a pretty nice collection today and I would consider myself very lucky that the woman I love is into the hobby as well.

Below are the four cards from my old collection. This is all that survived. The two Manny Ramirez cards are from trades I made with a school friend, the Pat Burrell is from an Upper Deck Retro box I bought. Back then it wasn’t a “hit” per box. Odds were pretty high to pull that card but I did. It once booked for $120, I’m scared to look at the book value today. As far as the Iverson, I loathe basketball but watched enough of his college games to know he was the real deal and possibly the “next Jordan”. I asked the dealer to get me some of his rookie cards to hold on to and ended up with the EX 2001 and SPx (lost in the flood). I don’t think it’s worth more than $5 today, though. I am not much of a prospector, am I?



  1. I did the exact same thing yesterday, went through some old boxes and came across the same Manny Topps card and Frank Thomas/Jeter RC’s. It is amazing what you find when you go back through old cards.

  2. Heh, nice. Hits like the Burrell were crazy hard back in the late 90’s. My first game used was a Mark Messier card from Upper deck and it was booking $160 at one point.

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