Have you gotten your Vixen fix yet?

David AKA C-Junkie from Auto-Matic For the People and Steve from White Sox Cards both have. You can read their reviews by clicking on the links. I sent out 16 of 20 cards on Saturday. I still have four left that have yet to go out and they will go out this weekend (ran out of postage again!). Series II Heavenly Vixen will be on even thicker paper, with clearer print, and will also feature a back (series 1 was left blank, much like some oddballs from the 80’s). The print run will be higher but the autographs will be harder to get and there will also be lipstick autographs but very low-numbered as well. The man goal is improved delivery on the cards. That means that when they are printed, they will all go out at once. These small challenges have come simply because it was something new the demand was unexpected. Next time around it will be a lot more organized, that is my promise. By the way, there is a small chance that the Heavenly Vixen card will be featured in an upcoming Beckett magazine so cross your fingers!

Finally, the Sports Cards Directory has been a smashing succsess and I want to thank Joe from Cincy Reds Cards for bringing to my attention the need for a more organized system. Without his e-mail one day complaining about losing track of new links, I would have never thought to start a blog specifically for the links. I added an extra category for links (specific collector blogs) and will add a feature for new blogs added tonight. Please submit as many card blogs as possible. I don’t care if you hate Wax Heaven or Mario Alejandro. This is not about me whatsoever. This is a humble attempt to give other card bloggers as much exposure as possible. There are now over 70 links. If you have more, send an e-mail or leave a comment. We want them all included in the directory.

P.S – I create the image below as sort of an icon. If you’d like to add it to your blog as a way to link to the directory by all means go right ahead. At the same time, if you hate it can make a better one, or prefer an old-fashioned link—I won’t be offended either.



  1. Been checking my mail every day waiting for my card!!! Keep up the fun stuff and good luck on your comeback!

  2. Sounds like parallels are in the works. I call dibs on the gold x-fractor red lipstick auto edition. j/k. It is amazing how well recieved the Vixen cards have been. Congrats.

  3. Received it yesterday and it looks great! Also received the Gordon – Perez Auto…AMAZING!!! Thanks

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