Lost the fat, gained $153 million

Our former hometown boy Miguel Cabrera continued to break our hearts after signing an 8 year contract with the Detroit Tigers for $152.3 million over the weekend. This deal was the equivalent of your ex-girlfriend dumping you and then seeing her at the end of the year prom with a new guy, who drives a better car than you. Damn it, Miguel—stop breaking our hearts! A few of us thought you would be back after we got our new stadium.

Some in the media have questioned giving that much money to a 24 year-old who has dealt with weight issues but in 2007 and at his highest weight of his career Miguel came just 12 hits shy of 200 and hit for a .320 average.  When you add his 34 home runs and 119 R.B.I, you see ust why Detroit took a chance and gave up the money they did. Just look at it like this, at 24 years of age Miguel already has three 30+ home run seasons, four 100+ R.B.I seasons, and has an average of .320 or more in the last three years. The man is a monster and you can expect him to eat up American League pitching for 40 or more home runs in 2008.

Hey, it’s healthier (not to mention more profitable) than Arroz con Pollo.



  1. Hey, sorry to break your heart over Miguel signing a long-term deal with Detroit. I’m in Metro Detroit and he should fit in just wonderfully in what should be a killer lineup.

    Besides, once the Tigers open the season, it will be a much needed distraction from Detroit’s mayoral situation. Can we talk trade there as well?

    By-the-way, how do you like Word Press? Still making my mind up about blogspot.

  2. Alan, I am very familiar with Blogger…I used it for two years starting in 2004 and let me just say, I LOVE WORDPRESS.

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