I feel REALLY guilty

So as it turns out, I really didn’t have to break into my wife’s eBay account because after I got home from work there were 3 different eBay packages for me that Tatiana had purchased and not even told me about. Needless to say, I feel pretty guilty but it doesn’t take away from the joy of adding three great new cards to my collection!

The first card is a 2007 Bowman’s Best autograph. Trust me guys, the scan does not do the card justice. It is beautiful and resembles a Refractor. The other Andrew Miller is a 2007 Upper Deck Premier, a product I would never bust in 100 years. It’s great to have the main card from the set in my collection. I am sure there are 15 different parallels but this is good enough for me.

As nice as those cards are what’s even nicer is the rare Ozzie Canseco card she picked up for my new player collection. It’s one of many Minor League Ozzie Canseco I have my eyes on. If by some weird coincidence you have some rare Ozzie cards, let me know. I will have my entire Ozzie Canseco scanned this weekend.

Oh, and check out the Infamous Tatiana’s blog. She’s been updating daily with the sickest new Jeter cards she’s added to her collection and well, she’s the best wife a collector could have.


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