Tatiana is going to KILL me!

Okay so this morning after Tatiana left to celebrate Easter with her family, she left her eBay account logged in and well….I got myself into some trouble. To explain how this started you would have to go back a few weeks ago when a local restaurant payed me to create their website. Ever since then Tatiana has been bugging me to create a site for her family’s business. I told her I would but only if she would get me both Andrew Miller ’07 Upper Deck Sweet Spot cards (bat barrel & glove). Unfortunately the guy who had the bat barrel was looking for $150 but kept re-listing for less and less until one day I finally talked him down to $70 plus shipping. Tatiana said that was all she could afford and so the deal was closed and I sat by each day checking to see if I could find the glove auto for less than $50 but it was impossible. Well, until earlier in the week when someone listed it for $4.99 but for whatever reason it would not appear on the front of “Newly Listed” which gave me one hell of an advantage!

Today, with just 12 hours left it remained at $4.99 until the very last hour where it seems everyone found the card. By the end of the auction is was stuck at $17.00 with 13 total bids. Following the advice of Bryan the Canseco King, I made my first bid with 30 seconds left in the auction and wouldn’t you know it, I won the card for under $30! I am truly ecstatic to own these two cards. Aside from the 2007 Topps Finest Black Refractor, these two Sweet Spot cards are THE best Andrew Miller rookie cards. I don’t count printing plates. The bat barrel auto is #’d to just 10 (!) and the glove to 25. Next up is the Topps Finest Black Refractor autograph which  I have only seen one time in the last three months on eBay but it was graded. I hate graded cards. I am so happy right now I can barely type. Luckily for me I have to get offline and clean the house, wash the dishes, and cook dinner before the Infamous Tatiana gets home. It might be a little easier to break the news to her if she arrives to a nice home-cooked meal and clean house.

I hope I don’t end up on the couch again! Anyways, these are the eBay pictures. I have will have full scans when they arrive. I am also looking for the SP Authentic ‘By The Letter’ auto (letter M or K) but those have also been hard to find.




  1. Wow, nice….

    Bragging about this stuff on the internet isn’t the best way to hide it and keep yourself out of the doghouse though.

    Andrew must really like pretzels, he has one at the end of every signature.

  2. Mario, beware the glove auto. I got two from 05 sweet spot classic, and they have faded to nearly invisible today. They were kept in protective holders in a locked safe. I certainly don’t want to “bum your high”, but would hate to see you disappointed in the future.

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