Easter Pack Openings!

I don’t really celebrate but it’s always nice to bust wax any day of the year. I received a blaster of ’08 Upper Deck w/the guaranteed hit, the Target $9.99 two packs plus a game-used, and 4 packs of Hidden Treasures, which was full of nothing but hidden garbage. All in all, it was pretty fun. Here are the results.

2008 Upper Deck

This was an awesome blaster! I don’t normally get any game-used of anyone worth a damn but I pulled an Andy Petitte and although today he is the equivalent of pulling a Miguel Tejada, it is still a nice card. I got even more Starquest but two stuck out of the pack. The Ichiro has a shine to it. I’d tell you the color but I am color blind so I will tell you it says Ultra-Rare on the back and it has a scratch off. I am too lazy to find out what that’s about. The Carlos Lee also has a cool shine and after turning the card over I see that it is a Super Rare. Of course, it’s just Carlos Lee but it is still a nice card. I also got the Rudy Guiliani/Steve Bartman card which is two months too late. Besides, no one was going to vote for a guy with serious mafia ties (Bernard Kerik).

Target $9.99 pack

This thing was absolutely atrocious. It contained a fat pack of 2006 Upper Deck and out of 32 cards, there was only 1 star, David Ortiz. The game-used is of a player I have never heard of but I am sure some might have. It’s got a great design but something tells me it’s a common hit. Also, for some reason the 2006 Upper Deck look very familiar. I can’t seem to put my fingers on it, though.

Hidden Treasures

Wow, talk about a scam. Good thing we actually won these four packs at Dave & Busters otherwise I’d be a little upset. Is it just me or does Bob Walk look like a guy you’d see on ‘To Catch A Predator’? If anyone needs a 1984 checklist, I am your man. I’d say the Sierra is the nicest-looking card out of the four packs, followed by the Strawberry, and the Eckersley.



  1. You got Jesus’ rookie card on Easter.

    How appropriate!

    The only surprise is that be doesn’t play for the Brewers. But, at least he plays for one of my other fav teams.

    Happy Easter! Oh, and Mario (re: your previous post), I’ve got a futon here you can crash on if Tatiana puts you in the dog house. You’ll just need to get a flight out here to AZ.

    Regarding your work on websites, let me know if you’d ever like any 411 on search engine optimization. I’ve been doing SEO just over a decade, and am starting my 12 year in online marketing overall.

    I’ve been working for the top digital agency in the world — that’s what brought me here to AZ in the first place.

    Well…that and an 18-wheeler which tried to make me its hood ornament 5 years ago. A chain reaction occurred in my life, and now I’m here. And ‘here’ is better for my chronic pain. I consider myself fortunate.

    No charge for you, Mario or your readers. I’m just happy to help in any way I can.

  2. Wow nice box… I haven’t gotten a relic anywhere near that good in any of mine. Those scratch off things are for their kids points program (ie. those codes on the back of each card) Don’t bother scratching them, the promotion is for kids 17 years and under.

    I got one of those fatpack/gamer things too and I lucked out and got an autograph. It’s Terrence Long, but hey, It’s an autograph.

    You want to know the real rip-off on those Hidden Treasures packs? When they first hit the shelves, they were 99 cents each. Now they are in 8 for 10 dollar repack boxes and in the junk wax boxes for $1.59. Bogus!

  3. Michael, thanks very much for the offer. Most of the sites I make are for fun or for baseball cards but if I ever need any help I will let you know! 🙂

  4. Baseball cards on Easter are awesome. I got several packs of ’08 Opening Day, and a pack of ’07 Topps, and a 600-count box of Reds cards from my wife…er, the Easter Bunny. The Reds cards included a game-used jersey card of Brandon Clausen. Not even sure that’s how to spell his name. And it’s not the greatest player in the world, but he’s a Red and it’s my first uni card. Add to that a ton of Dunn, lotsa Larkin, and several Sabo, and that makes JT a happy boy. Er, man.

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