Beware of eBay scammer “hockeynutzz”

I don’t go anywhere near eBay. Last time I did I ended up spending more than what the Pay Pal balance was and Tatiana’s bank account ended up in the red. It was a fun week sleeping on the sofa, let me tell you. Well, since locking me out of eBay, the Infamous Tatiana has built up quite a nice reputation. 50 positive feedbacks and zero negatives. That is because she always uses Pay Pal and sends payment right away. Well, today some @$$hole left the first ever negative feedback and it’s got me fuming.

First of all, Tatiana bought a small Jeter lot on February 17th for a measly $5.49. Payment went through immediately and we waited…and waited and nothing. When Tatiana contacted “hockeynutzz” she gave us a tracking number and said she sent out the cards the very next day after payment. Of course, the tracking number she provided came up invalid and in early March she stopped responding to our e-mails. A Pay Pal dispute was started and Tatiana left a negative feedback well over a month after paying for the item. This morning, instead of responding to her e-mails, Cathy Troutman AKA “hockeynutzz” left Tatiana this negative feedback.

She claims that she tried to contact us several times and asks us “where is the item?” Um, what item? You ripped us off. People like this really piss me off. Cathy, I hope the next time you go to a hockey game a puck gets loose and knocks some sense into you. Thankfully, I am a nerd and have done some research. Unfortunately, Pay Pal only has their e-mail made public ( but I was able to find out that “hockeynutzz” is a 32 year-old man named Ted from North Carolina. I guess Cathy Troutman is the guy’s mother or wife, but I am guessing mother. Well, the Infamous Tatiana is on the case so you can expect the money to be returned and hopefully the feedback to be removed. It just goes to show you that you can never trust the number of feedback on sellers anymore. You would think that someone with over 6,000 transactions was above this but I guess not.



  1. Weird, I thought that sellers weren’t allowed to give bad feedback anymore. That sucks. The one time I got a negative (back on Yahoo! auctions) it was for a 50 cent card from a guy I had just bought about $20 of stuff from. Blech.

  2. People are the WORST! I’m currently dealing with a situation where I “won” five lots of cards and the seller sent me an invoice for combined shipping in an amount higher than stated in the auctions. I figured it was just a mistake, so I sent him a nice email and requested a new invoice with the proper shipping charges. NO REPLY! So what do I do, suck it up and pay more than I thought I was agreeing to, or not pay at all- not get the cards I want- and risk a negative or non-payment report?

    I feel your frustration!

  3. Hell yeah!
    Its about time someone publicly blasted a dead beat Ebayer.
    Unfortunately, Ebay and Paypal back sellers with that kind of feedback.
    Good luck man.

  4. “Dear Tatiana,

    We have concluded our investigation into your case and have decided in your

    We were able to recover $5.49 USD and this amount has been credited to you. Please allow five business days for this adjustment to be posted.”

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