Mario is having the Best Week Ever!

What a crazy seven days it has been. Minutes after giving up my 18-year Jose Canseco collection, I get a package in the mail completing an ancient trade with tons of Jose Canseco cards. After going through them all I discover that I am just 11 short of 1,000 different Jose Canseco baseball cards. Even that close, I still had no interest in pursuing that player collection any longer and then a couple of days later I bump into none other than Jose at a softball game of all places. After snapping up some great photos and getting one of my cards signed, I try to make the best of it all. I loved every minute of it but I still wanted to focus my personal collection on Andrew Miller.

Well, yesterday a small package came in the mail from Joey of Squeeze Play Cards with about 15 Jose Canseco cards, some new but mostly oldies that I never even knew existed. As thankful as I was, I set it aside to be worked on the next day. Today, after doing an official count and I came to the conclusion that Joey’s cards put me over the 1,000 card mark, to be exact, 1,004. Joey, thanks for the cards. I don’t remember what the deal was but keep an eye out for future box breaks. Any Sammy Sosa/Ivan Rodriguez parallel/game-used/auto is yours for the taking. Topps Finest is right around the corner and I am booked for two boxes!



  1. Congrats on passing the 1,000 card mark. Did the Infamous one call time out to allow you to wave to the crowd as they cheered. Or maybe you cut up the t-shirt you were wearing at the time to send to Topps for a Wax Heaven Moments & Moments Milestone insert set?

  2. Congrats on the week. I am not only 586 Kearns Kards cards behind you. And closing fast. Happy Easter to the Wax Heaven Family.

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