Hangin’ with Jose!

This Wednesday after an incredibly boring day at work I rushed home hoping to catch Ozzie Canseco’s softball game. Last week I almost got to play on the opposing team but that idea was killed by the umpire. This time I was ready for anything. I brought my bat, batting gloves, and fielding glove to the game hoping to get an at-bat with Ozzie’s team or even against him. While setting up my camera and waiting for Tatiana to get back from the restroom, a man walked up behind me, sat down, and began fixing his shoes. I figured it was someone on the team who showed up early so I ignored it. By the time my camera was ready I stood up to stretch, turned around and saw Jose Canseco sitting on the bleachers. There was no mistake, this was Jose “Mr. 40-40” Canseco. As it turned out, he is in town and wanted to play some ball so he showed up at Ozzie’s game. When our eyes met, I simply waved and he waved right back. A few minutes later Ozzie showed up and Tatiana walked back from the restroom. When Ozzie saw Tatiana he said “hey, how are you? This is my brother Jose”. Jose was incredibly friendly, shook Tatiana’s hand and waved at me once more.

The game is now a blur. Ozzie’s team lost by one. Jose went 2-5 with an RBI double. Ozzie went 2-5 as well with a couple of doubles, runs scored, and great plays as the pitcher. During the entire game Tatiana was chatting it up with Jose’s blond bombshell, Heidi and Jose’s daughter. Tomorrow there is a softball game and Jose, Ozzie, & Heidi will be playing.  She personally invited Tatiana to attend. Me? I was too busy snapping up photos, waiting in the outfield for a home run, or being too damn shy to bother Jose. Luckily, after the game Heidi called us over and Jose greeted us once more. As we were walking away Jose looks over to me and says, “want a picture?” Of course, I said yes and that is the photo you see below.

So there you have it. I have now met Jose Canseco, the man I idolized as a child. It was everything I could have hoped for. He was in a great mood, polite, and very friendly. I could have asked for an autograph but to be honest, I didn’t want one. Being there, watching him and his brother play, and getting the photo was more than enough for me.



  1. Wow.
    That is a great story and great timing on your part. I will never forget hanging with Austin Kearns and Adam Dunn at Spring Training in 2000.
    Have a great time tomorrow and give him my Heavenly Vixen card so he knows about the site and can chime in every once in a while.
    Congrats to you and the infamous one!

  2. Yes, a great story and congrats once again to the both of you. Just a hunch, but I take it you will both be out to see them all play tomorrow? Look forward to seeing the write up and photos of the day. Enjoy it Mario. Who knows maybe one day………. Jeter?

  3. What an experience. I feel like I was there with you and every bit as nervous!
    I am jealous, envious and extremely happy for you.
    Maybe that is the key-I just need to quit working so damn hard to meet him and maybe one day it will just happen.
    You should tell them about my CansecoKing.com website, Maybe after seeing that he will ask you to run his website-someone needs to..
    Congratulations Mario.
    Has your mind changed about taking a Canseco card collecting break now?

  4. That’s awesome! Tatiana looks absolutely thrilled to be standing next to your idol. It’s great when you find out that your idols are just as nice as you thought they were.

    Jose still looks like he’s in great shape. So does Ozzie for that matter. Maybe Jose or Ozzie will invite you to play in one of the games.

  5. Awesome! Great story! I’ve met quite a few hockey players…(there are only so many of us Canadians, and we all know most of each other) but I’ve never met any of my baseball idols.
    What a thrill… and so good to hear that they are the kind of people we hoped and thought they were when we were kids.

  6. I’m happy for you two. What a great surprise!

    Just don’t turn your back on Jose too often…you might end-up with a needle in your backside. Of course, you’ll have the benefit of getting an instant tan, instant muscle tone, and an incredibly strong, and curious desire to wear bad hats while your eyes glow and change colors every few minutes.

    No, really…see it here: http://www.fannation.com/truth_and_rumors/view/43771

    Keep up the great work on the blog posts, Mario. Thank you for all you do. This has been my blog find of the year!

  7. Great story Mario. It sounds as if you and the infamous one made quite the impression. Next time that you see him, you will have to let him know of your collection. It will either flatter him, or scare the hell out of him. More than likely the first. Anyway, keep us posted as you go off on grand adventures with your new friend Jose, and know that we are all jealous on some level.

  8. datruhater—you are officially datruhated.
    Shut your trap and be happy for the guy-hopefully we never hear from you again.
    Ya feel me?

  9. You know, I have always wondered… why do people feel it is so necessary to make negative comments? Is it out of jealousy? Or maybe just the sheer need for attention? Regardless, take the nagativity and shove it up your… well you know where I’m going with that one. 🙂

  10. congrats mario. I was lucky enough to have my experience when i was 6 then again when i was 21. congrats. get a pic with a him and bring the 86 donruss or your 89 topps. a guy like him does not get tired of signing autos.

  11. Awesome story Mario! I got to meet Jose at an A’s game in 1989, when the Bash Brothers were in full force, and I’ll never forget it. Now if only Rickey had a twin brother that played softball, I’d be all set.

  12. Good times Mario. See what happens when you decide to quit pursuing his cards for awhile….. you get to meet the man.

  13. ManOfSteal, that’s the great thing about Ricky Henderson, he’s always talking about himself in the 3rd person…so, it’s like having two of them in the room anytime he’s around.

    Make sure to get both of their autographs. Simply ask Ricky if Ricky minds signing for Ricky. That should get you at least one autograph…if he’s really confused, he might even sign it twice!


  14. Congrats to you! I still have vivid memories of meeting my boyhood idol, Steve Garvey when I was young.

  15. Move over Clay Buckachoolz, there is a new luckiest man alive. Congrats man, that’s a softball game i’ll never get in BF Ohio. I expect Ozzie and the Straw ti be at next week’s game

  16. Very interesting how as villified as Jose has been he appears to be a really nice guy now.

    Very cool story.

  17. Thats awsome!!
    Im also a Canseco fan for more than 20 years(AND COUNTING) now andsits GREAT to see that there still some Canseco fans out there and I also would like to meet him.Hey in Vindicated he claims that has all(or most)of his homeruns in a DVD,don you think it would be great to have a copy of such DVD!!!

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