Topps Heritage Box Topper 411

I don’t know how many of you are trying to collect these things but reader Greg A. sent me a Word file this morning with some help to those interested in completing the set.

2008 Heritage Box Topper Ad Panels

Brian Flesher and others on Collector’s Universe forum worked out this list of the ad panels.

It appears that the panels are three consecutive cards out of ten in a string. So you have a choice as to how to complete the set – you can go for one of each card (106 cards), or try to get all the combinations (88 panels)…

STRING 1: Morgan-Marshall-Monroe-A Ram-Milledge-(Young/Zimm)-Zito-Dm Young-Gallardo-Duncan (10)

STRING 2: VMart-CCSab-Delgado-Broadway-Ohlendorf-Capps-CYoung-Haren-Loney-Furcal (10)

STRING 3: Edmonds-HoRam-Bannister-ManRam-Unit-Myers-LoftonThrills-Cust-Harang-Vlad (10)

STRING 4: Duke-Helton-KJohnson-Arod-Street-Grudz-Thome-Koshansky-AGonzo-Utley (10)

STRING 5: (Webb/Peavy)-Pedrioa-Berkman-Franc-HanRam-Barf-Cordero-Johjima-Soriano-Piazza (10)

STRING 6: Velez-Iwamura-Betancourt-Lincecum-Kendall-Cubs-Iguchi-Rivera-Webb-Cain (10)

STRING 7: Pence-Guillen-Weathers-Chavez-Grienke-Willingham-Gallaraga-Wandy-WilyMo-BJones (10)

STRING 8: Shields-McLouth-RThomson-Phillips-ManX3-Kemp-Pena-Carmona-DiceK-Votto (10)

STRING 9: Tiexeria-Smoltz-Joneses-AJones-StDrew-Nathan-Arroyo-Towles-BJRyan-Oswalt (10)

STRING 10: Hardy-Rios-Santana-Halladay-Wilkerson-Pierre-Bmolina-Murph-Lackey-Carlyle (10)

STRING 11: Maddux-Ruiz-Swisher-Hart-Liz-JWilson-CGomez-Sosa-RMartin-Buehrle (10)

If there are 10 players per string and the panels do not cross over to other strings, then the maximum number of cards per string are 8. Thus, there would be 88 cards for the set. For example, if we use string 11, the combinations are as follows:

(1) Maddux-Ruiz-Swisher

(2) Ruiz-Swisher-Hart

(3) Swisher-Hart-Liz

(4) Hart-Liz-JWilson

(5) Liz-JWilson-CGomez

(6) JWilson-CGomez-Sosa

(7) CGomez-Sosa-RMartin

(8) Sosa-RMartin-Buehrle

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