The “Slump Buster”

There was an urban myth back in the 90’s about Mark Grace. The legend went that whenever Cubs First Baseman Mark Grace would go into a hitting slump he would find the ugliest baseball groupie and have sex with her. After the dirty deed, Mark would go back to playing great ball again. Thankfully, Jose Canseco cleared things up a bit by saying in his book that a “Slump Buster” is, “the fattest, gnarliest chick you can uncover, & you lay the wood to her.” Thanks, Jose. Now we know and knowing is half the battle.

Well, someone finally went and released the first-ever Slump Buster product, an energy drink to be exact. Originally, the news item was tied to Boston First Baseman Kevin Youkilis which I found extremely ironic since he is probably considered every single female’s “Slump Buster”. Anyways, as it turns out, Kevin is just helping with the marketing and the real creators are hard at work trying to get this product in store shelves everywhere.

You can check out their Official MySpace HERE.



  1. That’s hilarious… I remember Grace talking about the slump buster on Jim Rome one time. That whole interview was funny as hell.

  2. Funny stuff… though I wonder what some woman who Grace scored with back in the day is thinking when she hears about this

  3. Hit it and quit it. Fat, hott, ugly. Don’t matter Just do it. Slump bust is the ugliest + fattest chick in the bar. Then hope for .300 AVG.

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