MLBPA pretends to care about Bonds

This is perhaps the most infuriating news I have read all day. The Major League Baseball Player’s Association is upset that Barry Bonds, a steroid monster who tarnished the all-time home run record, is still unemployed with less than two weeks before the start of the 2008 season. The numbers don’t lie; at 42 years of age Bonds is still a menace at the plate. In 2007 he hit 28 home runs in less than 350 at-bats. Imagine what 600 at-bats could have added to his season totals. Of course, it means absolutely nothing at this point but still. Why wouldn’t some bottom-dwelling team be interested in some big-time pop in their line-up? Could it be because Barry Bonds is one of the biggest assholes in the history of the game, even bigger than Mr. 40-40? Or is it some kind of conspiracy?

Well, the exact same thing happened to Jose Canseco late in his career. While his numbers weren’t as impressive as Bonds’, Jose could of easily cranked out 30-35 home runs with ANY team had they not gone and blackballed him, causing him to write his tell-all book. What if Bonds finds no team interested in his services? Will he write a book as well? We can only hope so because for as much as I hate Barry Bonds, I am fascinated by his persona and would love to see him really go at it and open up to the world about who he is, why he is who he is, and what secrets he know about baseball’s dark side. I for one cannot wait to see how this turns out.

In the meantime, check out the news article from

One thought on “MLBPA pretends to care about Bonds

  1. Bartyboy

    Lay off on the unfounded steroid accusations! Look at the TESTING ERA statistics put up by the games best player.
    The steroid issue will go away when Cal Ripken holds his press conference and asks if anyone really believes he played in over 2,100 consecutive games without a little help from his friends.

    Lay Off …it’s no big deal, you still must have natural abilities to set records in any sport.

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