Wax Heaven readers are #1

Last week after busting a blaster box of ’08 Upper Deck I asked if anyone had a Starquest Derek Jeter and was offered several different versions. Ultimately, I made a deal with reader Matt. He sent me a Starquest and a Heritage insert featuring Jeter and in return he is getting 24 ’08 Heritage cards he needs to complete his set. Along with the two cards, Matt also sent a small note which I scanned. Below you will see a cropped scan of the best part of the letter.

To the other readers of Wax Heaven, please be patient as I have run out of cash for postage to send out the ‘Heavenly Collection’ cards as well as some of the packages from last week. This Friday I will send out everything, including a few new trades that I have begun. In the beginning of the site, things were so slow I could do twenty trades at once but the blog has taken off and is getting out of control which means i will try to keep the trading to a limit. Basically, if you see something you like, I will only trade for Andrew Miller and/or Derek Jeter.

Please continue to support Wax Heaven. There is a 100,000th visitor contest coming soon. The winner will get a 2008 Upper Deck blaster box with the guaranteed “hit” and the runner-up will get three low-numbered Topps Moments & Milestones cards. Stay tuned!



  1. Was there ever any doubt about this site’s #1 status???
    This blog bought to you by the number 11……..

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