’52 Topps Mickey Mantle STOLEN!

A sports card shop in Florida was broken into early Monday morning when a thief threw a brick into the window, walked in and took one of the greatest cards of all-time, a 1952 Topps Mickey Mantle. There is currently three on eBay, with this one going for $49,000.

It’s a shame someone went after a hobby shop since so many of them are dying out or are being turned into comic shops or are being replaced by vending machines. You can check out the news story by going HERE and the news report by going here.

6 thoughts on “’52 Topps Mickey Mantle STOLEN!

  1. That’s bull crap but it makes you wonder why a person would keep a card that valuable is a vulnerable place.

  2. I live in Jax and don’t shop at Dan’s because it’s a bit far from me, but good to see that the cards got back to him

  3. If you click on the link it says that Mantle played as a SS on the Yankees, I don’t think that’s right.

  4. I doubt that they’ll get their 50 grand for that one. There must be something wrong with it if they had Pro grade it. It must be trimmed or something. Anyone with that kind of cash for a card will want a better grading company than that. I bet a quality auction house would stay clear till it was graded properly. On another note, it is a shame about the card shop. Hope they had it insured.

  5. I just saw that they recovered the cards. Hope he learned to probably put the big dogs in a safe before he heads home now.

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