2008 Topps Triple Threads preview

The first ultra-premium product I discovered in my return to the hobby in 2007 is back! 2008 Triple Threads is coming soon and being priced at $2,729 per case. I had an opportunity to buy one box of this stuff in 2007 but chose not to. I don’t see the point in spending that kind of money for a few cards, even if they include a great-looking autograph and a 24-piece game-used card.

The cards look even better than last year’s release but there is no way I am going near this stuff. I will just pick up the Andrew Miller that is sure to be included in the set.

Product details:

1 triple relic autographed card & one triple relic card per box

Base set – 145 cards #’d to 1,350

Sepia # to 525, Emerald #’d to 240, Gold #’d to 99, Saphire #’d to 25

Platimun & printing plates #’d 1 of 1



  1. talk about the must have! 24 piece combo relic. Topps took it to a level beyond! and the letter + memorabila, best product ever!

  2. This set looks amazing. I will say this. If you are going to buy a box of these, go to a hobby shop!!! These boxes are going to be an ebay nightmare. I have this really bad feeling that it is going to be so ridiculously easy for case-breakers to weigh these, and pull all of the bi-fold, 24 relic, bat barrels, etc., and then sell the dregs to unsuspecting you and me.

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