Heavenly Collections – Jason Giambi

Jason was an avid baseball card collector as a kid. He loved everything about it until one day he realized that his love for cardboard had abandoned him. In 1991, Jason gave up on collecting, or so he thought. Like most collectors, he gave the hobby another shot many years later but his story is much different than others who have come back on their own through curiosity.

One day while chatting with his wife she dropped a bomb on him, well maybe not a bomb but quite an interesting story. It seems that Jason’s wife was actually good friends with Jeremy Giambi, Jason Giambi’s brother and that the two use to give her a ride home from school many years back. Out of curiosity, Jason began searching for Giambi cards and well, the rest is history.

Since beginning his collection in 2001, Jason has acquired 2,770 different Jason Giambi and 346 Jeremy Giambi cards for a total of 65.39% and 86.72%, respectively. When asked what his most cherished card was, Jason responded with the card you see below, which Jason’s wife got signed by both Giambi brothers and gave to our Jason as a Christmas gift!

Jason is always looking for cards to add to his collection, so if you got something you think he might need, you can contact him through his personal website.



  1. Mario,
    Thanks for the wonderful article and the chance to show off my collection a bit more.

    I am currently at 110 1/1’s with half of those being plates at the moment. I’m always searching for more and more exposure just helps get the word out! 😉


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