Bustin’ old wax!

Wow, never thought I’d get a chance to crack a rack pack of 1989 Topps. The last time I did so, I was 9 years old and new to the hobby. These cards came in through a trade with Cardboard Junkie. Thanks David for bringing me back to my youth, at least for a couple of hours.

First product was 1989 Donruss Grand Slammers set. Not quite wax at all but pretty cool nonetheless. I got a Dave Winfield, Mike “still bitter over 1988” Greenwell, Jose Canseco, Mark “I’m not here to talk about the past” McGwire, Ellis Burks who rejuvenated his career in Colorado’s thin air a few years back, and two Seinfeld alumns, Danny Tartarbull and Keith Hernandez. If you haven’t seen the “Man Crush” episode on Seinfeld, well, you just haven’t lived yet.

The second package was a rack pack of 1989 Topps, perhaps the second product of baseball cards I ever opened in my life. I think I actually got a “hot” rack pack. Check out all the stars! Ozzie the loudmouth, Jose Canseco, after his best season, Kirk Gibson, the man who killed Jose Canseco’s best season, Kevin Mitchell, the man who cuts the heads of cats all on the top row. The bottom row is Craig Biggio, who will probably get into the Hall of Fame before Jeff Bagwell, Chris Sabo and his geeky glasses, Mark Grace, and Ryne Sandberg!

Second scan features Mark McGwire as the “special card” and Orestes Destrada, the man for the Marlins in 1993. Bottom row is my second Dave Winfield of the day, Dan Quinsenberry’s porn mustache, Eric Plunk, who makes the same expression in every photo ever taken, and Julio Franco, who was 57 when the picture was taken, in 1989!



  1. SABO! You lucky dog! Drop the Canseco cards and start upon a Sabo quest.
    And what are Grace and Rhino looking at?

  2. Funny story about Eric Plunk:

    When he first came up he didn’t realize he needed glasses, so here he was in rookie ball, he could throw close to 100 MPH and had no control. He hit tons of batters in rookie league before his manager (a friend of my dad’s) told him to get some glasses. Eric did and turned into a quality reliever. But for a long time, the joke around the A’s farm system was that Eric had the last name that suited his style of play.

  3. Destrade was also named the Mattingly heir apparent in the early 90’s but after Donny baseball signed a long term deal, the Yanks had to move him, which is why he ended up on the Marlins. Of course that was after a move to Pittsburgh and a season in Japan.

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