Phil, Pat, & Curt in a blog deathmatch!

If I had ever made it to the “show” I know for a fact that I would not have time for a blog. I’d probably would have followed in the footsteps of my idol growing up, Jose Canseco. I would have driven fast cars, dated faster women, and had paparazzi following my every move. Of course, it didn’t quite work out that way but today you can find several different ball players who not only own a blog, but update it somewhat frequently. Which one is a must-visit for you?

1. Curt Schilling, 6-time All-Star, 3-time Cy Young Award runner up

38 Pitches – WordPress

Activity in last 7 days – 1 post

Total blogs posted – N/A, but archives go all the way back to March ’07

Review – Perhaps the most well-known of all baseball bloggers, Curt Schilling’s blog borders somewhere between extremely entertaining to “meh, it’s alright”. To be honest, it’s always fun to read but after a week or so I forget all about it. If it weren’t for this picture, I might not return again. That hairstyle is classic 70’s style!

2. Phil Hughes, New York Yankees rookie pitcher

My Life In Baseball – WordPress

Activity in last 7 days – 9 posts!

Total blogs posted – N/A, but in just three months he has 594,000+ views

Review – The man may not have done much this early into his career but he has a huge following, specially among younger fans. It doesn’t hurt that while Curt is trying to collect funds for different charities & organizations, Phil is giving away insane memorabilia almost every day.

3. Pat Neshek, Minnesota Twins relief pitcher

On The Road With Pat Neshek – eTeamz (?)

Activity in last 7 days – 2 posts

Total blogs posted – N/A, but hundreds of blog can be found in the archives

Well, I finally went and checked out the site. I had been ignoring it for the last couple of months but today I went and browsed the blog and ended up spending close to an hour there. Pat is a true collector who loves autographs and will sign as many items as you like, just so long as they are not duplicates. Also, he loves getting signed baseball cards in the mail so we have decided to send Pat a few auto’s in hopes he sends us a personalized autograph on the only card of him we own, plus maybe an interview request. He will also get a signed ‘Heavenly Vixen’ series two card when they hit the press next month.

Pat is a rare breed in the sports world, a “jock” with enough geek in him to spend hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on cardboard. Thanks for the blog and keep up the good work, online and in Minnesota.


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  1. My only problem with Neshek’s blog is that it’s such an old-school online journal that there’s no RSS feed for it. I’ve got the other two blogs you mentioned in my feed readers (Firefox Live Bookmarks and Google Reader) so I read them right away when they’re updated. I use the Morning Coffee Firefox extension to load daily non-syndicated reads, and his blog’s in my weekly one so I can remember to read it!

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