Hit the road Jose!

Breaking news!

I am taking a break from collecting Jose Canseco!

That’s right, taking some time off. To be honest, I just didn’t feel the passion anymore. Wax Heaven’s budget is for wax boxes to review and do videos, and occasionally for picking up Andrew Miller cards off eBay. Lately, I have found myself not caring what new Jose cards have been put on eBay but instead have found myself obsessing over getting fit and playing baseball again, not to mention continuing to pursue opportunities to get Wax Heaven more recognition among collectors and in the media.

I will continue to give my 110% to bringing the readers of Wax Heaven the latest product previews, reviews, and video box breaks, as well as daily commentary/rants to keep the site as fresh and active as possible. Something had to give and unfortunately, it was my 18-year collection of Jose Canseco baseball cards. Perhaps in the near future I will pick up where I left off (975 different cards) but not anytime soon.



  1. You had a good couple of months picking up new Jose cards and ballooning your total to nearly 1,000 different.
    It is weird, the only times I have taken breaks from adding to my collection is when I was getting in shape and training for boxing.
    During those times i didn’t even glance at Ebay for months at a time.
    Something we must keep in mind is this is just our hobby and doesn’t need to be in the forefront all of the time.
    Until next time-may you be haunted be haunted by the number 25!

  2. A whole bunch of Cansecos went in the mail earlier this week too… Do I have great timing or what 🙂

    I added a couple extras to the package you should be receiving soon. Hopefully this will get you over the 1K mark and you enjoy the the other stuff.

  3. I’m there with Dayf on the timing. But if I am reading your post right your are not buying anymore Canseco’s right now but you are still a Canseco collector.

    I am not buying anymore Clemens right now but if I get one in a pack I am still keeping it.

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