Master Blaster (’08 Upper Deck)

2008 Upper Deck

10 packs, 1 guaranteed game-used memorabilia card in every box – $19.99

The highlights: I am starting to fall for the Starquest cards. Does anyone know if there is a Jeter? If so, anyone want to trade up on it? As usual, the game-used left a lot to be desired but for $20.00, I might have been better off paying for 4 of these retail blasters and getting 4 hits and not paying $70 for two hits. Sounds like a plan, but does Topps do this too?  Thanks to the Infamous Tatiana for getting me this blaster and a bag of jelly beans to boot.

As far as the best cards; Felix Hernandez, Ichiro, R. Howard – all base.

The Starquest were the best of the bunch. In it I got Manny, Hanley, Braun, and Griffey.

The game-used is of Oakland pitcher Justin Duchscherer.



  1. I’ve got a couple of the Starquests, but don’t remember who. I’ll check this weekend, and if one is Jeter I’ll trade it to you.

  2. According to this, there certainly is a Starquest Jeter–it’s card SQ-9 (actually, many, considering there are several different background colours of supposedly differing rarities.) There’s also a Jeter-only insert set in Target packs. I pulled one, and I don’t collect Jeter, so…..if interested, mail on blog, etc.

  3. Mario I have just received to boxes of upper deck 2008 yesterday and of course we opened both boxes. In those two boxes we were able to pull a complete set of base cards with rookies. I was also lucked out and made a complete set of the Starquest cards (30 total). And yes there is a Jeter, and was able to pull 3 of them. I am going to send you a Jeter, Andrew Miller, and a Joba and a few older Conseco’s (you may already have but you would appreciate them me than we would). I believe you want all those. If interested in others let me know as I do have doubles. Will send once I receive your address from the Heavenly Vixen mail. Let me know.

  4. Wow, I didn’t get the Miller in U.D. That would be awesome. ‘Heavenly Vixen’ goes out tomorrow morning so yes, I would love some cards when you get the address from the envelope.


  5. I’ve got a couple of the Jeter’s but will have to find them. I’ll send them on early next week

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