Master Blaster (’08 Upper Deck)

2008 Upper Deck

10 packs, 1 guaranteed game-used memorabilia card in every box – $19.99

The highlights: I am starting to fall for the Starquest cards. Does anyone know if there is a Jeter? If so, anyone want to trade up on it? As usual, the game-used left a lot to be desired but for $20.00, I might have been better off paying for 4 of these retail blasters and getting 4 hits and not paying $70 for two hits. Sounds like a plan, but does Topps do this too?  Thanks to the Infamous Tatiana for getting me this blaster and a bag of jelly beans to boot.

As far as the best cards; Felix Hernandez, Ichiro, R. Howard – all base.

The Starquest were the best of the bunch. In it I got Manny, Hanley, Braun, and Griffey.

The game-used is of Oakland pitcher Justin Duchscherer.



  1. Are those jelly beans gonna help you run faster at your next practice?

  2. I’ve got a couple of the Starquests, but don’t remember who. I’ll check this weekend, and if one is Jeter I’ll trade it to you.

  3. According to this, there certainly is a Starquest Jeter–it’s card SQ-9 (actually, many, considering there are several different background colours of supposedly differing rarities.) There’s also a Jeter-only insert set in Target packs. I pulled one, and I don’t collect Jeter, so…..if interested, mail on blog, etc.

  4. Thanks for the info, guys! Someone read this blog and agreed to send me the Jeter Starquest for some ’08 Heritage to help complete his set.

  5. Mario I have just received to boxes of upper deck 2008 yesterday and of course we opened both boxes. In those two boxes we were able to pull a complete set of base cards with rookies. I was also lucked out and made a complete set of the Starquest cards (30 total). And yes there is a Jeter, and was able to pull 3 of them. I am going to send you a Jeter, Andrew Miller, and a Joba and a few older Conseco’s (you may already have but you would appreciate them me than we would). I believe you want all those. If interested in others let me know as I do have doubles. Will send once I receive your address from the Heavenly Vixen mail. Let me know.

  6. Wow, I didn’t get the Miller in U.D. That would be awesome. ‘Heavenly Vixen’ goes out tomorrow morning so yes, I would love some cards when you get the address from the envelope.


  7. I’ve got a couple of the Jeter’s but will have to find them. I’ll send them on early next week

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