Is ANYONE happy?

Well, it’s just March and already we have seen Topps, Upper Deck, Topps Heritage, Topps Moments & Milestones, and Topps Opening Day put out baseball cards. So far, the general consensus is somewhere between a poisonous snake bite to a one-night stand with Britney Spears. At worst, the snake bite will land you in a hospital or morgue, while the Britney Spears one night stand might have been the best night of your life five years ago but today will leave you with a guilty feeling, not to mention this weird rash on your, well, nevermind.

The point is, aside from myself it’s hard to find someone genuinely happy with this year’s releases so far. In the short time Wax Heaven has been around we’ve gotten feedback from Dick Perez, Ben Grieve, Madison Bumgarner’s irritated father, not to mention lots of attention from Beckett. So let’s assume that Topps & Upper Deck are reading this blog. What’s your biggest bone to pick about 2008 releases so far?



  1. Prices. $2 for a pack of cards is not a good value, regardless of who you “might” pull out. Bring the price back down, and stop wasting so much energy on stupid inserts, autographs, and memorabilia cards. Most of them are bad, and the ones that are truly good should be a part of the base set.

  2. Topps – No complaints.

    Upper Deck – No complaints other than Hillary.

    Heritage – the Smoltz card is irritating, but the T205 minis make up for it. (Still looking for a #@$%^ blaster though)

    Moments and Milestones – The checklist is mind bending, but the cards look nice.

    Opening day – Terrible, Terrible set. Ugly as sin, no effort put into the design, the thing shouldn’t exist.

    Fleer – Missing in Action.

    Overall – Happy so far, but apprehensive about the rest of the stuff scheduled to release the next few months.

    Snake bite Vs. Britney Spears: Venom has an antidote. There is no antidote for Crazy.

  3. Let me air my grievances on a product-by-product basis:

    Topps series 1: The Kazuo Uzuki fake “rookie,” and the Rudy Giuliani variation.

    Upper Deck series 1: Succumbing to the forces of political correctness by pulling the Hillary insert.

    Topps Heritage: The unnecessary and annoying “Jon” Smoltz and Johan Santana stealth variations; the addition of retailer-specific inserts.

    Topps Opening Day and Moments and Milestones: The continued existence of these products.

    Fleer: The lack of transparency on UpperFleerDeck’s part as to the status (or lack thereof) of this product.

  4. My rundown of complaints:
    Topps – No complaints
    Topps Heritage – The large number of SP and the seeding ratio that make the set prohibitively expensive to complete through packs and boxes
    Upper Deck – Yankee Stadium mirror set, recycled base card design
    The rest of the Upper Deck lineup – the total lack of a lineup
    Topps Moments and Opening Day – still just total junk as far as I’m concerned, one with a bloated, uncollectable checklist, the other just amateurish and ugly

  5. My bone?

    No free boxes for Wax Heaven, Cardboard Junkie and Cincy Reds Cards (the Holy Trinity of card blogs) to review and give raves about.


    Other than that I have no complaints this year.

  6. And quit pickin on Spears. If you have ever been to Kentwood, LA (largest biz is a U-Pull-It on the Interstate) you would understand she is the norm. Not the exception.

  7. Gimmicks.

    The companies don’t need them anymore. It detracts true collectors away for a bunch of people who will forget about baseball cards after a week.

  8. topps – that FS1 card.
    love the topps subsets tho, the’re really brining back the hobby of collecting the “trading card history” and the RC team, and those sets alone sell for more then the 330 base card set.

    upper deck – retail is worth much more then the hobby. Buy hobby, 80 bucks lets say, get 2 useless game used cards, and a useless autograph.

    buy retail, 4 boxes for 80 bucks, 4 useless game used cards, a starquest set should be nearly finished, and in the end about the same amount of inserts from the yankee set, ruth sets, and whatnot.

    topps heritage- how many sp’s are there again? black numbers, black backgrounds, whats going on here.

    topps opening day- HA

    m&m- good looking autos, and the stupidest product idea ever. you know when 1 of 1’s go for less then 5 bucks on ebay, you got a great product there.

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