(This is a new feature to Wax Heaven brought to you by Bryan, the Canseco King. Every week, Bryan will scour eBay, Naxcom, and other sites looking for the best baseball card currently on the market.)

With all of the 1/1 cards on the market the manufacturers have tried to put their own touches on the actual “1/1” appearance. There are the factory foil stamped, hand written, computer printed and the newer style on card 1 of 1. In the coming weeks we will feature some of the higher end 1/1 baseball cards that are on the market, with a selection of all of these types of 1/1 variations. In a market where 1/1 cards seem to come at least one per box, a true 1/1 has to be a very special card, something that sets it apart from all of the others.

Most all of these special cards are completely out of reach for most of us collectors so we can only dream of owning something like it, so in the mean time we will just look at these cards and wonder what makes them so special-Is it the player, one of one style, manufacturer or number of game used pieces included?

The first card in the long debate is this Albert Pujols 1/1 Laundry tag auto. Laundry tags are rare commodities in the game used world, autos are good to have and 1/1s are rare, so does that make this a “Holy Grail” 1/1 card? If not, I will find that Holy Grail…..

Check out the eBay auction by clicking HERE.