Something happened yesterday that would have been perhaps the coolest experience in my life, well, maybe second coolest (Tatiana giving birth would be first). I came within 10 feet from playing in a softball game against Ozzie Canseco! I went to his game last night after missing last Wednesday’s affair and in the second inning the opposing team had one of their players ejected for wearing metal cleats. The problem? They had just enough players for the game and were about to forfeit when from the stands came the loudest, “I can play” you ever heard! Ozzie, and the rest of both teams glanced over at the man in the business suit and expensive dress shoes. I told them I play ball and could replace the player. Just as the team told me to come in to their dugout, the umpire killed the idea and a few minutes later someone presented the ejected player with new cleats.

The night was a bust for both me and Ozzie. He went 3 for 5 but made a whopping 5 errors at Third Base. You can expect him to rebound next game and as for me, I will go to next week’s game with all my equipment in hopes of someone being one player short. Hey, a man can dream, right? By the way, Mr. Canseco was presented with a ‘Heavenly Vixen’ card (non-auto) along with an interview request on the back of the card. I won’t tell you how hard it is to type with both fingers crossed. He was very friendly again and was almost blushing while looking at the card before saying, “thank you”.