Spotlight – The Dugout

If you have ever used chat programs from AOL, MSN, or Yahoo!, you know just how ridiculous those things conversations can get sometimes. Now, imagine those crazy chats but instead of perverted weirdos on the other end, you have Jim Thome (screename: WordUpThome) and Jose Canseco (screename: YESWayJose) duking it out. The results are pure comedic genius the likes of which have never been seen. As a longtime fan it is an honor to be able to feature some of The Dugout’s best skits. Unfortunately, due to their exclusive relationship with AOL, I cannot post any of the chats at Wax Heaven. Instead, I will post the top 5 chats, chosen from a field of 700+, by none other than the creator of The Dugout, Jon Bois!

5. Kyle Farnsworth Knows His Role

This is the point at which our Kyle Farnsworth character became the retarded jerk we know today.  B has written a library of amazing things, sports-related and otherwise, but his development of Kyle Farnsworth might be his most impressive work to date.  He likes to describe the character as “if Zach Morris suffered a concussion as a small child and never recovered,” which I think is perfectly accurate.

4. Ted Lerner Shows You Around Nationals Stadium

Another recent FanHouse Dugout.  Here, Nick features fan favorite Dmitri Young as well as a personal favorite of mine, Ted Lerner.  Whenever Nick goes off on baseless, random tangents, such as Dmitri Young stealing bologna sandwiches, it’s hilarious.

3. Diamond Kings: Jose’s Resume

This, of course, is a tribute to Donruss’ old “Diamond Kings” subset.  B did an ongoing series of these back in the day.  He holds a lot of appreciation for the old school, and it shows.  Gary Ward saying “lassie dog??” still cracks me up every time.

2. Chuck Knoblauch is a Sonofabitch

I wrote this one a few weeks ago when Chuck Knoblauch was in the news over steroid allegations, and used the situation as an excuse to vent my frustrations over the 1991 World Series.

When we moved The Dugout to FanHouse last October, a lot of readers didn’t take it well.  They were afraid we’d tone down our cursing, which was true, but I think they were more worried that we’d be constricted content-wise, which was certainly not true.  I was still able to sit down and write whatever the hell I felt like, newsworthy or not, and I think that if we hadn’t, those readers would have stayed angry with us.

1.Big Palpitation

This dates back to a couple of seasons ago.  David Ortiz was briefly hospitalized for heart palpitations, and Manny Ramirez came to visit him.

2 thoughts on “Spotlight – The Dugout

  1. Thank you for introducing me to this site. I just spent 30 minutes reading through a couple of the archived ‘chats. Hilarious!!

    “Turgie burger!!”

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